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NerdAlert SWFL is a small business that specializes in helping the older community or people in general that have technological challenges with their everyday life devices...

Now more than ever we are changing out old technologies for new ones. Not all people can handle this transition easily.

NerdAlert SWFL attacks this problem. One cannot even buy a new TV anymore without it being a Smart TV and a whole array of setups that the user may not understand.

In Fact, in most cases throughout my professional experience they do not understand them. Most do not even know the password to their email address.

Web Design

If you like the design of this website and would like a website of your own? We can create/edit/maintain a WordPress Website.

We can get you a bundle deal through that offers Domain Name/WordPress Hosting/SSL all in one.

NerdAlert SWFL can do this quick and “affordable.” If you need a WooCommerce (Online Store) we can do that as well. We can build the site for you.

We can help you build the site if you want to learn how to use WordPress. Most setups take about a week to create and then a little extra time to make the fine tune changes to make your website pop for your use.


NerdAlert SWFL is ready to handle these Technology Challenges in a way that is simplified and friendly to the customer.

NerdAlert SWFL comes to you. Comes to your home, office or home office to troubleshoot these problems in a fast, friendly, reliable & affordable way.

Keyword being


It is NerdAlert SWFL 's effort to make these changes to a person's lifestyle, seem easy to learn even if one feels they cannot learn something new.

What People Say About Us

Very professional and knowledgeable. Removed all the viruses in my computer and now my computer is running smooth and fast.
Stephanie Korenich
NerdAlert SWFL built our Website Just entirely excellent all around!!!
Jennifer Shaffer
Did a great job! All my computer issues where resolved and I was back up and running better then ever.
Very knowledgeable on any questions or future concerns I had. Customer service was also as stellar as the work done. I will be using there services again in the future.
Bobby C.

Who We Are.
What We Do.

NerdAlert SWFL is a one man company. A trustworthy person, David Angelo Mineo, with 20+ years of IT and other Technology Experience.

A person you can trust to come into your home, be honest with you and get the job done to your satisfaction.

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