Cinco-De-Mineo 2016

Been gone for about a week now. I am back, not 100%, but back. I am picking up the pieces from one situation while micro-managing others. 1st off… Everything was good till last Wednesday, 4/27/2016. I had a good day, but started to feel a little ill. I didn’t think much of it till, after the Rays Game, this was my 1st MLB game, but yeah. I was pretty sick, Full-on-Flu. I slept the entire way home. I then called into work the next morning and was pretty much in bed till today 5/4/2016. It’s May already?


So, I hadn’t been this sick in a few years and even then I was able to work and hit the gym. I missed 4 days of work and 6 days in the gym. My body did not respond very well. I was only awake about 8 to 10 hours over the next couple of days as I put myself down. I was pretty wrecked. I actually watched the entire NFL Draft. I will tell ya… ESPN’s coverage was terrible. It was ALL about TV Ads and paying bills. When they actually had time to show something, they talked about it and showed very little. NFL Network was much more organized. Giving me all kinds of reasons to stop anything/everything ESPN… I really cannot stand them…

I did not weigh myself until this morning (5/4/2016). I had lost about 7.5 lbs in 6 days. I went into being sick at 144 or maybe 143.5 at the most and was 137.5 this morning. I was pretty alarmed by this. I didn’t wanna lose any more weight. Especially this much. I want to put this back on ASAP. I will feel much better after this. 144 was a very comfortable weight for me. Now getting there, this should be interesting. I don’t gain weight very easily these days and just bulk eating doesn’t really work for me anymore. I just get sick due to whatever is up with me, alleged Type II Diabetic State.  

I have been dabbling with a split routine in my training for a while now. Since I do not technically do one, but I do sort of kind of do one. My body doesn’t really respond like it used to. In order for me to see real change, fast. I tend to have to over train to get those results.

Recently, last week when I was 144 I started seeing real results on my body and then I got sick. Right now my energy levels are not there to do the 3-hour workouts my body has been doing for the past 6-8 months. It might come back next week, but I am not training all the way through like I was. I will be working/training straight from now to May 13th and then 3 days off for Buffalo. So, it’s not likely I will normalize before then, which is ok. I have a new plan. I have maybe taken 10 days off from the gym in the past 3-8 months. My body can afford to take a little time, it’s my mind that has the issue with this, lol.

My normal routine usually consists of one muscle group as the core of my workout. The last 2 months or so I have been doing this, but adding a wrinkle. I will say I am doing chest today, but “touching” back. “Touching” to me, means 10-12 sets of a muscle I am not doing the next day and did not do the previous day. This gives me a chance to work a muscle group more than once every 5-7 days. I try to limit my core group to about 20 sets, that way when I start, “touching,” my final workout is about 30-34 sets in total. With my high-volume, it was great. With me being a little more physically weaker and my endurance not being 100%, yet; I probably won’t do my rep range of 14 and up, to failure, or 2 reps from failure and do a dropset or superset.

So, the magic number is 10-12 reps on everything till I feel strong enough. To go back to pumping/rep out my workouts. I did this with arms today and I am pretty dead. My chest is pretty sore from yesterday and I did a set of wide-grip pull-ups between each set of chest I did. I did 20 sets on chest. So yeah, you can see why rep range can be important for this kind of workout. I will try to eat bigger meals, along with more fruit. 

I am not using protein powder right now. Haven’t for about a year now… I might in the following weeks but not right now. I always get in a huge debate about what works, what doesn’t, buy this product, buy that product, buy my product. I know many of you sell supplements and it’s apart of the business I get that and I am sorry I am a tough sell, but 23 years of this, I might know a thing or 2.

Plane, flat out. I will not spend more than $30 for a huge jug of why protein powder. I don’t care who makes it, where it was manufactured. How many bs positive reviews it gets. Who swears by it. If “it’s clean or not” whatever that is supposed to mean… 

Plain and simple, if I try a product and it doesn’t work I won’t buy it again or something similar to it. You all know how I feel about supplements and bs product lines out there, advertising all this bs science behind it. I have gotten my supplement budget down from about $500 a month to about $80 and its working. The preworkout I am taking is insane and it works. Its also right at $34.99 plus tax/shipping. The Test booster I am taking is also a top product and very affordable.

People tell me buy this and buy that. The price tag is way too much and if I do take your word for it and it’s not doing what it is advertised, what does that say? So, I have just learned to just stay away from everything that is designed to make people money while nothing happens to my body. I understand that the fitness world is a business and I hate that part of it.

I have my own science its called “spirituality.” Its called “frequency.” I listen to my body in a way people that are on overload with the Jesus Christ thing. My connection to my body is like with a hypersensitive Jesus Christ lover. I communicate with my body all the time and when I am training I am in a deep meditative connection with that representation of my inner being. When it comes to diet I listen to what my body is trying to tell me. 

That’s it, my big training secret, lol… This has been touched in prior blogs, but I did wanna spell it all out more here. Work, train, blog, eat, sleep, repeat for the next 10 days till I fly to Buffalo… Super-Focused to build a new UNIVERSE… I create my reality!  I will work on the novel here and there till I get back from Buffalo and then really start grinding on it. My goal is to have a rough draft done by the end of August. My immediate goal is to get the Prolog done so I can share it. I will then ask 10 people to read the 1st draft and take a survey. Just saying. Some have been like, “you better let me read it.” Well, alrighty then. New working title is, “2172: The Great Change.”

A few days ago I had a mini-rant about ALPHA. I wanted to add and expand on it here. I see this false alpha crap all the time. Kids even adults, having to say they are Alpha. Alpha isn’t a title, its a do, its a mindset, it’s a lifestyle. One doesn’t have to advertise it, because everything they do from the time they wake till they go to bed is with the thought/belief/action/intention of alpha mind-set. I see people all the time flapping their gums and wasting O2 on trying to convince others they are the alpha dog in the room. They are “trying.”

When in fact its a “do or do not, there is no try” mentality. One doesn’t try to be alpha, one does alpha, one is alpha, men and women alike. Alpha is the person everyone notices, but you notice they are not screwing around, laughing or talking or playing on their phone. Why you ask? Because he/she is too damn busy working his/her ass off doing the things they need to do to be Alpha in the Reality they have just created… You wanna know who the Alpha in the room is, man or woman, doesn’t matter, this is not a sex thing. Look for the hardest working person in the room. Not talking to anyone, pushing themselves, focused on only what they are doing. That is the person you probably want to know. They will look at you and they will jump on your shoulder, like YODA and tell you to, DOOOOOOOOO…………

Happy Cinco-De-Mineo…

Cinco-De-Mineo 2016
by David-Angelo Mineo
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