Feeling Hulk…

Let’s do this? Do what, exactly? What is your plan? What’s the plan? Do you/we even have a plan?

IN all my life I am amazed how grown adults still play little HS games and seem to have limitations or always looking for the greener pastures when things/choices should be limitless.

The thing that probably bugs me most about this is how people seem to have a fantasy that they are either playing into or looking to find… Acceptance, communication, understanding, affection, and endurance. IDK, what do you think? Yes, another question, good morning…

Goodbye 2015. I will not miss you, lol… Had a crap day yesterday. Pretty much do not wanna go to work today. Been a while since I have looked at work as, screw this… Worked out for 3 hours, slept on 5 hours and still pretty pissy and have nothing but contempt in my heart today.

Fixated on BS right now and my normal techniques are not working. So let’s hope for a speedy day at the office so I can go play at the gym and have a nice long weekend to recharge, rethink, re-plan and get after it.

Been letting way too much negative energy and people in my life lately. Very needy; everyone seems lately and giving me shit, because I do not want to deviate from my plans.

Either accept it or get the hell out. If one is of the special breed I am open to discuss that or maybe not. I have made my life so incredibly busy on purpose, this was a choice. I don’t need, I want, big difference.

Know a word(s) meaning and know what they actually imply. Intention is everything…

I stay busy so people don’t get choked out, its a great philosophy lol. So before everyone starts posting selfies showing how fake happy they are trying to stay away from the triggers that put your mind in these places.

Once you get there it is hard as hell to get out and I am sure by the end of the day I will probably recant all this, lol… Right now I just wanna turn green and wear the stretchy pants… Even when I am pissed I am a goofball…Do or do not, there is no try…

Feeling Hulk
by David-Angelo Mineo
381 Words