Negativity and Hypersensitivity Are One in the Same

So… We’ll keep this as short and sweet today as I can, as I do not want to be negative and/or have negativity in my presence. Negativity affects my thought processes, which are awesome these days, thanks for noticing. Cee You Next Tuesday…

Now, I feel Negativity and Hypersensitivity Are One in the Same. Today there are too many hypersensitive people around. Everyone gets butthurt over nothing. Be it a comment on social media or a reply to a message or text. It’s just out of hand. There are too many people that do not understand what the word “Social” & “Networking,” with the word meaning something together as “Social Networking” actually means anymore.

Social Networking, now called Social Media used to be about meeting people and sharing ideas. Having debates, even arguments. As long as it’s about the subject manner and not just cyberbullying I am all about it

With that said, the perception of it is you cannot have an opinion anymore unless you are going to be embarrassing yourself or your friends, or family or gym partners or whatever. It’s gotten old.

Sooooo… If I bother you soooooooo much… If I embarrass you soooooo much…. You are welcome to leave at any time. I am not going to be hypersensitive about it. I am not going to be “butthurt” by it.

I was just removed not too long ago from someone I thought was a friend. It goes from being at her birthdays to ghosted.

Ok… Adulting…

The point it I didn’t have a real feeling about it either way. I tried to. I sat there for about an hour thinking and I couldn’t feel anything. So, she can move right along with the rest of them…

I am removing people daily that I see bring this sort of thing to my social media life. I am wayyyyyyyyy to busy doing me and not paying-it-forward for others to worry, think, feel, care about what other people think, feel, care about me. I am just really beyond it now.

I do not need acceptance or from others to know I am working to do well in life. I do not need compliments or advice on the topic. No, I do not know everything, but I know everything I need for me. Not anyone else. I am not that guy. Do I care about others, sure, many, but not over my own; mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual growth.

I will always come first. Jedi’s are completely selfless. I never said I was a Jedi, I am much more Sith than Jedi… I really do not see a difference between a negative person and a hypersensitive person. To me, they are the exact-same-thing.

Negativity and Hypersensitivity Are One in the Same
by David-Angelo Mineo
453 Words