Never Give Up…Never Surrender…

I considered myself an Alpha type personality. I am too honest for my own good. I do not take any bull crap, never did. I am loud, I am rude at times and I am never politically correct, nor do I want to be.

I am very assertive, but I know what I want and I am not shy about it.

I say I am an open book, but what good is that when NO ONE speaks the language, you know?

So hard in this small town attitude of closed-minded people. I say that from experience. People are really closed-minded around here, especially the ones that make it a point of saying they are open-minded, but really have no clue what that means.

They do not even know what words mean anymore. They use the pop culture definition most of the time and sooooo sorry, that is not good enough.

Most of the time I find people’s effort in the things they brag about to be shit. Absolute shit. I say this and mean this, why?

Well, when I do something, say the gym. There is proof in reality/action form that shows exactly how hard I am willing to work for something.

What I put my mind/body/soul through to gain a little bit more of an edge over the next person. Real people notice that shit and guess what, it’s starting to pay off.

Regardless of how frustrated I get, I am still moving forward. I see other people’s version of that hard work and its shit.

Yet they expect rewards…

Change is never easy, people tend to be comfortable with being miserable. They accept their situation and live within it regardless if they are happy or if that is what they want/need.

Me… I am not like that. I don’t accept things or situations just because that is the hand I was dealt. I could have quit… I got sick, I lost my job, I went blind.

I have every excuse and reason, in reality, to pack it in and swallow a bottle of pills with a bottle of Turkey, did I? NO, I did not… Not even close…

My own quote here. Mineolore: My strength did not come from lifting weights. My strength comes from lifting myself up when I was knocked down! Adversity will never be the core of my demise but rather the tool that allows me to dominate!

That is some truth right there… I want to dominate, to concur, to always move forward. Perfection is not a thing one can obtain, nor is it even obtainable, but one can always strive forward for it…

That is the process of reward(s).

“The juice is worth the squeeze!”

So Fuckin’ Squeeze it already…

Never Give Up…Never Surrender…
By David-Angelo Mineo
457 Words