Facebook Messenger

These days with smartphones aka (dumbphones) people use social media strictly on their phones and use computers less and less. I am sort of old school. I use a computer most of the time for almost all or at least most interactions with social media. Over the years most of the social media platforms have apps for the smartphone.

Facebook has 2 main ones. 1) Facebook. 2) Facebook Messenger. For sheer effort of saving time, I will not go into how/why Facebook sucks these days. I am strictly going to talk about Facebook and Facebook Messenger as a functional tool to communicate with your friends and family.

Facebook the app is just that, the mobile app for Facebook, you can do pretty much anything you can do on the computer/web browser version of Facebook just harder and it takes more time. Yet, this is the form of Facebook that most people want to use.

Facebook Messenger is an app that just allows you to use the direct (personal) messaging system of Facebook.  Imagine yourself at a table with a friend. You are having a discussion about the Mets and how good a baseball team they are this year. (Nick I am sure you are loving this…) When all the sudden someone new pops up at your table, uninvited and only one of you know who the person is, but only in the sort-of-kind-of-know ya basis and they start in with their 2 cents on the Mets, all while making some inappropriate comments along with it. How would you feel about that?

That is exactly what it is like having a one on one conversation on the Facebook wall or newsfeed.  Not only rude, but super-annoying as hell. However, that is exactly what one is doing having those kinds of conversations on the Wall. We direct message people so others do not interrupt in that format. Plus, what if it wasn’t the Mets you were talking about? What if it was about your sex life or a relationship going south, or even setting up a date where you cheat on your boyfriend? YUP… All a possibility.

Some people have said Facebook Messenger is just too annoying and such. Some say, well it leaks out my personal information.  Well just to set the record straight just about EVERY APP on your phone goes into your private information and pulls data. Pretty much… Messenger was just the first one that got media coverage over it and every fake tech personality had something to say about that. Yeah, it’s annoying, but what is worse is trying to have a one on one conversation on the wall or a text message. It’s pretty much all it is. You don’t wanna give out your number so use Messenger. One could always Download KIK, but then you get nothing but Cam Whores wanting to invite you for a special showing or something along those lines. So I don’t think you wanna go down that road or anything, right?

So if you want to have a conversation, its one on one, you don’t wanna give out your phone number to text, you are not wanting KIK or Skype or some other app. Do yourself a favor and download FACEBOOK MESSENGER. Especially if you are on Facebook a lot, as I am.

Things do not happen without moving forward with something. I can’t talk to a person 4 times a year and expect to make huge strides with that person. As a friend or more or otherwise. Yet, their expectations are a little grander. You have to communicate more than 2 line sentences and talk in gangsta jive… That will not fly yo, ha… I get it you don’t wanna be bothered with your phone going off, yet you do. You can’t do what I do? If I am busy, which is always, I either do not respond till I have time or I let that person know I am busy ttyl (talk to you later). It’s not hard!!!

On another note. Being silent all the time is not a way to tell someone to go away. You tell them to go away. I get bombarded by hundreds of messages a day. Yes, hundreds. Some I can’t get to right away some I can. Some I have to tell people to F^&k-the-hell-off. It happens. Have some backbone and tell people the truth. It will be easier. In most cases said person doesn’t deserve the silent treatment. They just want to know if you are good or not. Learn how to communicate like an adult and not like a 13-year girl.

I have been in technology since 1998 or so… If you don’t know something or do not know how to do something you can always ask someone that does. Some stuff is easy and takes 2 seconds and some stuff not so easy, but you can get help. ASK GOOGLE… GOOGLE is your best friend. I have learned more about technology from GOOGLE/YOUTUBE than I have in school. Just a thought people. I am NOT better than you or smarter than you. I just utilize the tools that are out to get the job done so I can go do the stuff I want to do that is fun. ANY QUESTIONS??? 

Facebook Messenger
By David-Angelo Mineo
882 Words