Top 10 Metal Albums 2015-2016

The Top 10 Metal Albums to come out in the past 12-18 months of the writing of this short BLOG.

From 6/2015 to 6/2016 these are the Best Heavy Metal Albums to come out in my opinion…

NOTE: I am an ole school metalhead…

I like Thrash, American Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore and just about anything Djent. I like heavy guitars and insane drumin’… Vocals are important too. I have my favorites and this strictly opinion based… I have no real knowledge of music outside of just being an uber fan…

In noooooo particular order. All these except “The Interbeing” were released from From 6/2015 to 6/2016. However I discovered “The Interbeing” on youtube during this time and I really liked this album.

Lamb of God – VII Sturm Und Dr
Fear Factory – Genexus
Megadeth – Dystopia
Devil You Know – They Bleed
Bullet for My Valentine – Venom
Sevendust – Kill The Flaw
Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six
Faith No More – Sol Invictus
Anthrax – For All Kings
The Interbeing – Edge of the Obscure

Top 10 Metal Albums 2015-2016
By David-Angelo Mineo
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