Before, Then and Now…

So the time has come to switch, check that, properly explain what comes next for me with the blog and my Instagram Account. I have gotten a lot of support from fitness people, people in the fitness industry, trainers, models, competitors, vendors. I really appreciate the support you all have been giving me. Most of you are in the same position I am. Probably doing better than me with gains and making money. You know; the important things in life, hhahahhahaha…

If you all have been reading my posts and my blogs you will know that most of the stuff I post about is of logic, common sense, spirituality, critical thinking, and spiritual growth. Fitness is one of my passions.

However, it is not my only one, nor even my top 1. My spiritual growth is my number 1. I want to be happy in life. I want people to think. With things going on in our society, not just in the United States, but the world 10x over. There is so much pain in the world; so much fear. This isn’t something one can just “shake it off,” sorry Taylor, we still love you, you try. It’s not your problem to fix…

People are right, we do need to band together. I have been talking about the human race being hugely disconnected from its natural spiritual side. We have lost touch with the Earth, the Universe/Nature and Spirit. This isn’t something a basic world religion can correct. This isn’t something gymlife can fix.

This goes beyond and came before Organized Religions were established on Earth. That is for another day to discuss. I just wanted to touch on it.

I am working on a blog, more fitness related. “Then & Now” I am calling it. It is going to breakdown some common things/trends I have seen on both sides gym-related for the novices, the professionals, the advanced.

This will be the last blog where I use the primary hashtags for 5% Nutrition and other gymlife hashtags. This isn’t a negative thing. It’s actually a logistics thing. There are a few reasons I am doing this. I am not singling out 5%ers. Not at all.

1) I am not Sponsored by 5% or any apparel companies. They do not pay me to plug them. I am simply a fan of Rich’s and some of these other companies. I train for me, for my individual, spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual self-growth. If I thought I could make enough money working in Fitness I would still be working in Fitness.

My mentality doesn’t work well for the industry-standard arena. I am not very empathic at times because of my mind/thought/work ethic dictating policy over the average person’s “I can’t or won’t mentality.”

2) I need the hashtag space. Instagram puts a cap on how many hashtags you can use per post. I need everyone I can get. I am not just some lifter who posts with hopes to get discovered and what not. Be nice, but no.

I have a degree in Film and Multimedia Studies. I also understand Social Media and Marketing on Social Media. I just have no budget, so everything is very low tech on my side. I am a one-man team.

3) My writings tend to be more spiritual and philosophical. Yes, I talk about training, but it’s not my number one thing. I have only seen a few people in the fitness business doing what I am trying to do and of those, they really do not go overly deep into the spiritual aspects of a person’s self-image.

There is not a lot of psychology behind it from what I am seeing and there should be. Mainly, because everything begins with spirit, then thought, next comes action. It’s just going deeper into the human experience.

4) I have already met so many people through Instagram that are fitness related.  Its time to shift the interest into the areas I want to discuss more in-depth.

5) I am also working on a novel… Science Fiction; about humanity having to deal with the loss of its connection with nature / the universe / existence. Which is actually where the human race is now. This is happening now.

In my book, it’s on a larger scale. Not sure if you are noticing how much negative energy is out there right now? How much death and destruction all caused by fear, anger & frustration. I do not know how many of my Fitness friends here are into anything science or science fiction?

This isn’t a knock, its just time to shift my attention to another area where I can gain momentum for my book release. I am not signed to a publisher. I am very new at this, right off the street, one could say. I have talked to a lot of you through Personal Messaging. I still plan to blog/talk about fitness and working out. Trust me; I need to, right ahahah…

Just that I don’t need to keep searching for new people to follow my account for “just” fitness. Makes sense right??? I wish nothing but the best for Rich Piana, the 5% team and every other team I am following. Every now and again I will push the brand(s) when I write about fitness. There are only a few teams I follow because I can relate to them on a personal and animalistic level.

Where I seem to be missing out is the spiritual side of it. If anyone has questions as to what I am referring to, please Private Message me. That is the whole reason I am doing this… I simply want to be happy in life and want to live in a reality that I have created through spiritual enlightenment and bust-ass, hard-ass-work…

Before, Then and Now.
By David-Angelo Mineo
967 Words