a lifter’s diary… Volume 1

I did LEGS and Touched ARMS today. Today was the first day of my “scaled back” routine. I know I am in the gym too long. I know I do too much, the wrong way. I get that. My reasoning behind it was that I was in the gym to meditate with pain and more pain. To go to the gym is like my “Fortress of Solitude.” I go there to heal myself spiritually because my spirit is in NEED of some HEALING.

This routine has changed over the months… Right now It is excessive to say the least. I have felt very drawn out lately, physically. My back is still dealing with the sciatic nerve issue and my intensity as far as energy levels are concerned are very low. So over the weekend I decided that I would start scaling my training back and not do so many sets and just make those sets count. No more extra sets or overtime.

This LEG routine I would do would consist of:

22 Sets of Legs: Quads/Hamstrings.
8 Sets of Calves.
4 Sets of Arm Feeders.
6 Sets of Biceps.
6 Sets of Triceps.
10-12 Sets of Abs.

I would usually do more after all this…
Today I modified my set numbers like this:

18 Sets of Legs: Quads/Hamstrings.
6 Sets of Calves.
4 Sets of Arm Feeders.
3 Sets of Biceps.
3 Sets of Triceps.
6 Sets of Abs.

Where I did Calves first, then Core Legs, followed by my Arm Routine and Abs. I shaved about an hour off my normal time. I felt better. I felt like I got better work in, and shaved off 18 sets off my normal routine. Since I am sort of in maintain mode right now. I think this will hit the spot. Tomorrow should be interesting because its Chest for my core workout and touching shoulders. I will write about this tomorrow.

The Quote is all mine…. “People Who Can’t Or Won’t, Will Always Judge/Hate People Who Can And Will…”

a lifter’s diary… Volume 1
by David-Angelo Mineo
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