a lifter’s diary… Volume 2

Today was Chest and Shoulders. As I did yesterday I heavily modified my workout by subtracting sets from each exercise. This routine has changed over the months… It was heavily excessive as far as time and number of sets for the complete workout goes. I slept better last night and only ate an apple before I went to the gym. My back is still in pain, but it moved more to my hip now. That has slowed me down a little as far my intensity goes and staying asleep when I am sleeping…

The Old Chest/Shoulder Routine consisted of:

25 Sets of Chest. 10 of the 25 Sets would be Supersets of Wide Grip Pull Ups. 8 Sets of Trap Work. 12 Sets of Supersets of Delt Work. 8 Sets of Shoulder Press Work of different varieties. 10-12 Sets of Abs.

The modified Chest/Shoulder Routine was like so:

16 Sets of Chest. 6 of the 16 Sets would be Supersets of Wide Grip Pull Ups. 4 Sets of Trap Work. 6 Sets of Supersets of Delt Work. 4 Sets of Shoulder Press Work of 2 different varieties. 14 Sets of Abs, where 8 sets were incremented into my Chest portion of the Routine. I shaved about an hour to 90 minutes off my normal time. I felt better. I felt like I got better work in… My chest pump was sick. I had more energy and I subtracted about half my set numbers doing this routine. Total time was about 2 hours and 8 minutes. Would have been shorter if I didn’t do any talking between sets and doing the extra ab work in-between sets. I felt the workout would be smoother if I just did supersets for chest and half of the ab routine together. Tomorrow will be a little more interesting because its ARM Day… Both Biceps and Triceps are the core workout. I will either do ABS first or last. For Biceps and Triceps I usually do 15 sets each and then 4 sets of ARM Feeders. I plan to shave off 3 sets for each so the total workout will be 12 sets for Biceps and 12 sets for Triceps, with my 4 sets of ARM feeders. Probably do 6-8 sets for ABS and call it day. “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” “If I’m not the same, who in the world am I?” ― Alice in Wonderland

a lifter’s diary… Volume 2
by David-Angelo Mineo
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