a lifter’s diary… Volume 6

So been a little busy lately. New job up in Sarasota is killing me. Sleep/Energy/Diet/Drive/The Drive to Sarasota. I am training at the ATC up there since work is right down the road. Not sure how long I will make it at the job though. Its not for me but I gotta work till I can find either something better or closer. Anyways. I am having to rethink my workouts now. I feel good training, but I simply do not have the time to do 3 hour sessions anymore. I have to figure out how I can get my workouts down to about 90 minutes. Like, the weights, cardio, abs all during that time. I haven’t trained abs in a month and my body doesn’t care. I still look like I did. In fact a little better. I am down to 138 lbs. Too light but I feel pretty good with how I look. Actually been doing some low cardio while waiting for my preworkout to kick in. During this time is when I start plugging my social media accounts. I think I have like 7 now, but really only pump on 3 of them, 2 IG’s and my personal FB. 

I no longer have a plan in the gym. I know what I want to do muscle group wise, but exercise plan, out the window. Just been doing what I feel like doing with no plan and I like it. However, I still have to cap this to 90 minutes. I want to hit everything twice a week. Maybe arms 3 times, but 1 of those workouts is just touching, very brief. No more than 10 sets in total. 

This is sort of how I plan it out. Throw in some comments. Just because I like doing what I do doesn’t mean I know everything and/or get ideas when peoples’ speak up. I am just not as focused lately yet the body still responds. I look at this like a chance to really make some changes to my concepts of how I train while my brain is so out of wack lately. If I am not hitting my goals then I must change my ways on how I attack them. 

Monday – Legs All/Calves touch Arms.

Tuesday – Chest, a few supersets of wide grip pull-ups and a brief shoulder workout.

Wednesday – Arms…

Thursday – Back-Attacked, touch legs, calves and shoulders (thinking of dropping shoulders on this day.)

Friday – 12 Sets of Chest, Superset Arms
Saturday – Shoulders All

a lifter’s diary… Volume 6
by David-Angelo Mineo
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