a lifter’s diary… Volume 7

So with a new job up here in Lovely Sarasota, a new Gym that even after 88,000 sq feet seems to be busy when I get there to a point to where my current routine is no longer maximized as much as I would like. I have decided to change things up excessively. I have made changes before but not as drastic as I plan to now. I have virtually done modified variations of the same workout for the past few years. Yes, I have made changes before. Tried this and that, but I think this newer thinking will get me in and out a little faster and I believe I will have a far better quality of work done up doing it this way. This will still be a 6 days on and 1 day off routine, but the splits will be different. This will be closer to a true split routine than I have done in the past.

I have already gotten my routines down to about the 90 minute, 2 hour range. This will basically now just stack certain muscle groups with other muscle groups. Rather than doing one main group and “touching” another. I will just do 2 main groups, combine them, stack them, dropset them, superset them. I will leave that much up to feel and creativity along with exercise choice. The last 2 months, I have not pre-planned my workouts. I have had the idea of what muscles I wanted to do but left the exercises up to chance, feel, creativity. So that part won’t change. I know what I am going in the gym to hit today, just have no clue what exercises I will tackled. The split will be broken down like this:

Monday – Calves/Bulk Legs/Back/Lats
Tuesday – Chest/Arms (Bi’s+Tri’s)
Wednesday – Shoulders
Thursday – Calves/Legs/Back/Lats
Friday – Chest/Arms
Saturday or Sunday – Shoulders

Throw in some comments. Just because I like doing what I do doesn’t mean I know everything and/or get ideas when peoples’ speak up. I am refocusing myself here. I look at this like a chance to really make some changes to my concepts of how I train. If I am not hitting my goals then I must change my ways on how I attack them. That is what I said in Volume 6 of “a lifter’s diary…” However, I feel like at 137 pounds, under 10% BF, that I feel pretty strong right now and my body looks pretty good. I am not sure if this is the best I have ever looked but pretty damn close.

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a lifter’s diary… Volume 7
by David-Angelo Mineo
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