All Day, Everyday

People should be doing things that bring them pleasure. All Day, everyday. People should be eating too much awesome food. People should be listening to music way too loud.. People should be working out.

People should be at the goddamn beach. People should be with their kids, doing things with their kids, enjoying doing nothing with their kids, with their kids…

People should be drinking, drinking more or have one more after that. People should be getting high as fuck on the funk ass weed… People should be smiling. People should be laughing.

People should be laughing, like its a goddamn Walking Dead Flesher Viro… People should be sleeping right.

People should be dreaming.

People should be FUCKING… ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. What the Fuck is wrong with everyone?

Why are you doing things that bring you misery on the daily? Too Much of the Day, Everyday! Why aren’t you eating? Why do you listen to shitty music, only, because of the fact that is what everyone else is listening too?

Why isn’t your lazy, making excuses, ass at the gym, at the very least putting in the hard work to reach your health goals you say you are going to do every January 1st, but does nothing.

No… Not WINNING… LOSING… LOST… WHY? Why aren’t you ever at a beach, any beach or at least the fucking pool? What excuse is it now, what do you want to complain about NOW? Why aren’t you spending time with your kids when you know you can; but put other things/people in front of them?


Why the hell are you not drinking at least once or twice a month? It is your goddamn right to have a fucking drink and RELAX your bullshit so you can breathe and do not become mentally ill like most of the FUCKS in this country that spend way too much time being negative, doing negative things, that sets EVERYONE BACK, spiritually…

They don’t know it yet, but they are spiritually less, even the Jesus Freaks, spiritually, D.E.A.D…Dead…

Have a goddamn drink once or twice a month, breathe… Smile again… Then learn to love to laugh again… Yes, Again; because when you were sucking on mum’s tit, all you did was smile and laugh, when mommy laughed, you laughed more.

Yes, I know not everyone has had that. Some were put in harm’s way and didn’t have that chance to grow, naturally, spiritually… It scared them… It never healed. Now they protest about everything.

They bitch, complain and do actual no real, real-world application, shit to make shit happen for themselves.

Yes, this is dirty, yes, my style today is a little profane and violent… Guess what, FUCK YOU… 1-Finger-Salute-To-Ya, why? Because it’s my goddamn blog and I will do with it as I please.

Why aren’t you getting High on Weed??? Hahaha, don’t answer, I wasn’t serious. Not all like-minded should smoke, but if one feels inclined to, well. What a different place this country would be if everyone was High As Fuck, on the Funk Weeds. You know… Just SAYIN’, just sayin’.

Why aren’t you smiling, like ever? Really, make a damn effort. RBF works both sexes. I know LIFE ISN’T FAIR and it gets tough, but one should attempt to smile, smile, laugh and enjoy the experience.

Like, everyday people…

Why is everyone so fucking fixated on being miserable and annoyed all the time that pretty much every comment, side comment, truth comment, social media comment is cynical in nature and sarcastic as fuck?

I know I am guilty of it myself, but I have toned it down considerably the last few months and just noticed yesterday I was being like this and was like. “NO… Lets, just not… “

Why don’t you sleep right? You work hard, you think hard, right? The body should want sleep, yet, you cannot sleep? I wonder why that is?

When did you stop dreaming? When did you stop believing in said dreams to be a part of your reality?


Why the hell are people not FUCKING as much? Are you serious, from 12-33 all you thought about was sex sex sex and now all the sudden, who the fuck cares about sex?

It should be one’s mission that every time you chill with your lover that you hold them, hug them, spend time with them, eat with them, sleep with them. Yes, have sex with them.

And, why I really have to ask this, why exactly?

If I take what I see how people are acting right now, the last, oh, 8 months or so. People on social media, out and about, whatever, 8 months of this shit, I am going fucking mad over here with this shit!

If I take all that data, dude… Millions of people are not getting laid…

They are getting ZERO…

There is so much sexual repression in this country right now, everyone’s mentally ill…

People, go, get, yourselves, laid… Jesus, even if you have to go the low blows in picking up people. Just fucking do it already.

Learn how to do all these things, again and that will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, doesn’t matter who, what, whatever color or transgender man that wants to sit when they pee, is in charge.

It’s our paradigm here. Not theirs.

Man, if everyone that is complaining right now and being part of the problem worked harder at all those things I mentioned, man, what a huge change in the human condition in this country would be.

FUCKING INSANE to think about that and then I see this shit happen for 2 fucking days and am just over it. I think I will take this week off social media and just post my shit and not even like/comment on anything because I don’t fucking care right now. I am not pissed, no-no. I am straight-faced as fuck right now and am like whatever, bye.

I am going to do all these things I just mentioned and worry about my life and how awesome it can be without caving into this, this shit show…

I am just floored at how many weak ass minds are out there right now O2 consuming… I had filmed a video this morning, but I am not going to post it now. I think it will just ad to people’s insane perception of what is actually happening now. I hope people read this and they stop for an hour and think for 2 more hours after that. Because that is just the beginning of what one will need to start actually making a difference.

“Not all this Idiocracy.”

Please read those things that make up the what “we should be doing right now.”

This quote always sticks with me and I come back to it so goddamn often now its starting to scare the shit out of me.

Sir Arthur C. Clark ~ “There’s something fundamentally wrong with the wiring of our brains, which makes human beings incapable of consistent logical thinking.” 3001 The Final Odyssey

by David-Angelo Mineo
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