I have come to the realization of the 936 friends, um, cough, “Followers,” I have on FB that a great many of you, do nothing but bring negativity to my day. Some just outright piss me off. Yeah, I know.

An opinion shouldn’t piss me off if I am fully grounded in my beliefs, and I am. As most of you are allowed to have your own beliefs. I have to question some, many of you, on them. That how did we become friends in the first place?

If you are that far out in right/left/ field or noman’s land? Do you believe everything you read, hear from other people? Do you not do your own research to find out if something is factual or not or are you, just, a “Follower???“

I Do Not Know; usually, I would just say, yeah, sure you do, right? But it is clear, from some things that get posted and commented on that the perception of your opinion is, wait for it… LAZY AF…

Seriously. Rehashed Gurged Stuff About Politics, Religion, Sex, Dating, Parenting. I am just, wow… WTF? I value friendship. I value family. I value love, true love. Not the BS we are compatible thing, that is garbage.

I value in #Truth, #TruthEqualsTruth and #LoveThySelf but when I question something someone says, and they get all huffy puffy butthurt by it right out of the gates. That just shows you do not feel very confident in those concepts. So why say them to begin with? I Do Not Know, whatever.

Some of you I have no choice but to unfollow. You make it too easy. I cannot deal with your religious call to arms. Giving a “Pretend Friend for Grownups” all the credit, when in fact it was you that make shit happen.

Your Nonsensical Political views on the reg. Posting about making money from home. I just can’t see this any longer as something I want to look at on my timeline. I am not sold, not even close.

Since I have control to do something about it. I shall. I can no longer go back and forth with lack of reasoning, lacking research, lack of creative thinking. No, inside the box thought just Copy/Past/Share that is what most understand. Even fewer don’t even read the article and I am very concerned about how many will read this whole blog from beginning to end, yes, this is a blog. For now, I will just make this a post, but it’s going on my blog…

Shall We Begin…

My Facebook is mine. If you don’t share in my love for the Gym, my supplement line, my thoughts in general and/or support my potential as a professional writer or get my sense of humor. Go, leave now. It’s fine. I am good with this. FB is no longer ONLY about keeping up with friends/family. It’s now used for many things from business to dating to family/friends to discussions.

This isn’t MySpace. People choose to be here, people choose to open their lives to people, but are terrified to have real-human-connections, in most settings here. The ignoring of messenger also stops… If I take time to write you a PM and you don’t respond, like ever, it’s likely I will either unfollow or remove you from my friend’s list.

I will not have full-blown conversations on someone’s wall. That is like sitting at a table with 10 people and you are talking to one person and yet, 3 people keep butting into the conversation. Just because one has the ability to comment/respond, sometimes one should just mind their own goddamn business. Just saying.

Now… Everyone’s story is worth telling. The problem is the person in question believes the lies of the reality they live in that is mostly created by them to begin with. If you trust in the lies and form an opinion based on those lies and that opinion is now put into the facto category of your reality. You will no longer go back and look at those concepts and challenge them to be real or not.

You will assume that data is correct. You made the choice that the lie is real. Many times without looking deep to find out if said lie has any merit. You now live in a reality-based on false perceptions because you choose to trust that lie rather than digging ever deeper to find the real truth behind the lie. A great lie always has some truth to it.

A person’s self-image is based on perceptions they have about their reality. Their reality is formed by them and them alone. However, that reality is based on things you assume are factual. If the factual stuff is not fact but merely a lie. You can see how this will destroy a person’s self-worth, self-image. It can take a person minutes to make that choice and years to undo. It’s no one’s fault. We are taught at a young age to trust and such.

People do not need help. The whole-damned-human-race-requires-help. The book I am writing really opens the doors on these issues and ways to solve them. I just tell it in a fictional, science-fictional way.

The evidence is there, it’s clear as day. Humanity has lost itself spiritually. We are so heavily dependent on technology now that deep human seeded connections are lost. They are harder to form than ever before in human written history. This isn’t excluded to mother and child or father and child or lovers. It’s my generation that fully adopted this way of thinking and have now passed it onto our children and their children.

I saw a video on dating and I was amazed at how many people are afraid of confrontation. How men are afraid to physically ask a woman out and how women respond as well. In almost all cases the guy was turned down and the woman acted COI AF about it.

Like, she respected the man less for putting his confidence out there to ask in the first place. She should be showing something heartfelt even if she isn’t interested, especially if she isn’t interested.

It was a social experiment to show how people communicate with each other in the dating scene. In almost all cases people only talk about such things via text, email or social media.

How in the hell are you supposeed to talk about feelings and getting serious when you cannot see the person, interact with them or read their responses to your words? Guys are mostly to blame here. So fragile we have become mentally, emotionally. Just being built, big, strong-looking, money, no longer cuts it.

I have never been one to chase girls too heavily. Especially, in the last year or two. If we are talking and you want to be with me, or explore options. You better speak the FK up. Waiting a week to hear back will not cut it.

Dating friends of mine and then showing interest in me is a good way for me to not care for very long. If you have a lot of kids that need constant attention. Not sure what to say. I don’t wanna be #3 or #4 on the list of who needs attention.

I need a woman that is strong and understands we are a team and it needs to be built together, not when you have time to put into it. Same goes for me. I am busy AF on purpose, for reasons that should be obvious to most. Sell me your reasons I should change anything and then we’ll talk. So far I am not very impressed in the woman’s ability to do that.

People judge me; give me dirty looks all the time. The gym, my church, my fortress of solitude, my haven. I behave/act/train like I am literally the only one there, working. To me, as soon as the preworkout kicks in and the headphones of metal come on. I am completely blind to what is happening around me.

Between sets, I will talk a little. I see women all the time in there and they see me looking all “Pure Evil,” no smile, disdain for humanity in my eyes, but I will take the headphones off, make eye contact and smile. I will introduce myself. Stay upbeat. The goal isn’t seeking a date, but just showing I am human too. I care. I have feelings.

When it’s time to focus and work, it’s time to focus and work. I tell them this. Give them some insight about why I train this way. That I am actually an inspiring writer; and now I will see the same girl(s) and she will always smile, instead of that look of judgment and fear that I might be some crazed out Alpha Dick high on steroids. Not the case.

High, sure, but not on roids, lol. My preworkout does mess with me a little, ha. I expose myself to people all the time. I wouldn’t say I am vulnerable because I made the conscious choice to do this. It was not an accident. There was intention behind it. Molds, yeah that is another topic altogether but I think I will stop here. “Truth = Truth, TRUTH…

At the center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” ~Lao Tzu

By David-Angelo Mineo
1,572 Words