BROKEN is Unfixable…

“I’ve got something to say, it’s better to burn out, than to fade away… There can be only ONE…”

Addiction is like cancer, you never really get rid of it. It tends to come back at some point in one’s existence, notice I didn’t say LIFE. Addicts are always “recovering.” You never hear the words “Recovered Addicted,” because addicts never truly recover, they are always in the “process of recovery.” I have stated this before in my blog about people who say they were “broken,” but then are now “fixed.”

Broken by definition is a term used to describe something that is considered “Unfixable.” The correct word would be “Damaged.” “Damaged” is fixable, broken is not. Being an addict at anything means your ability to make decisions about those specific things is now “broken.” Not fully destroyed but “broken” / Unfixable. They have lost the ability to critically think about that specific part of the addiction, from a thought process point of view. 

I can go on and on about this. Usually, I will talk to addicts and they found Jesus or some phony bullshit like that and say they were “broken.” I tell them, no you were not “broken,” if you were you would not be healed, and/or saved. “Broken” is “unfixable.” Mother FK’ers need more real science in their lives, lol. Anyways… The point is I see a lot of crying out there about how “I used to be a junkie, but now I am not, why am I being judged so harshly after the fact?”

It’s really simple. What you did/do affected a lot of people. Those kinds of things can never fully be forgiven; payment will never come back in full, its always going to be partial. They are always going to need something. They are always going to be hypersensitive. That won’t cut it to most. It certainly won’t for me. 

I have a lot of friends that are in recovery and I do feel their pain but I am very unsympathetic about it in general. I do kind of look down on people like this, why? Because I am very strong mentally. I have a huge power of WILL…. When I see people like this. I see how mentally weak they are and I know deep down I can never help them, because they can never help themselves. At least not a point where they are on a level playing field. 

If I offended anyone, #SorryNotSorry – Grow some tough skin and realize you are offended, because you are probably an addict and/or in recovery and I just called your asses out on it. I am not trying to piss those people off. I am just trying to state they are an addict, because mentally or in some other spiritual fashion they are weak.

They made bad choices, not caring who or what it would affect other than them. They might not deserve to be judged in such a way, but they did do the work to get there, they did EARN IT. Not all work is to lead to a positive end. It works both ways. If you smoke for 50 years and get terminal cancer from it, did you deserve that kind of death? No. You did earn it though. You did earn it; you did the work to get to that end result. If People knew that at a younger age maybe America Would Be Great Again!

BROKEN is Unfixable
by David-Angelo Mineo
576 Words