The Word Coach…

Me being really into the GYM I see, hear, watch a lot of crazy FK’d up S**T… Personal Trainers and/or Exercise Specialists are no longer the authority. Now we have COACHES… Now I get it, some Personal Trainers might go by Coach these days. However, there is a heavy use of the word to describe someone who is “Very Knowledgeable” about Fitness, Weight Training, Diet, Supplementation.

The word “coach” is thrown around and all lifters are supposed to respect the title. Most coaches I have met, not so knowledgeable as they promote themselves as, just an observation. Copy/Paste Pre-Written workouts, diets. Doing whole workouts on one machine. Stuff Like that. That to me doesn’t sound like a person that has YOUR Personal Fitness in mind. To me, that sounds like someone that just wants money for doing nothing and using the title of Coach as an ENTITLEMENT to gain said cash flow, and we know how I feel about Entitlements

Tired of seeing my passion become all about dollars and cents no regard for the people that really want the help. Sure gotta make a living. I sell supplements myself. I totally get it.  However, there is a lot of really bad info out there being displayed as knowledge. The point I am trying to make is when something says coach on it, I tend to roll my eyes, but listen anyways with one ear; in the case, a person might know what they are FK’n talking about in their craft. To me, from experience, coach means, personal trainer with no credentials.

Credentials could be anything from certifications, to years of experience & knowledge or just plain passion for their craft.  That isn’t someone I want to trust with my fitness. Just Saying. When I give advice to someone it comes from the heart. It comes from 25+ years of training. It comes from being a former “Certified” Personal Trainer.

If your coach gives you this insane no carb diet and tells you to do 20 sets on one machine, yet after 4-6 weeks you have no real noticeable strength gains and look literally the same. Yeah, you might want to change something up, like fire that guy that you only talk to through texts/email/FB/IG/SnapChat, that is “allegedly” having your fitness in their best interests, right… Again, Just Saying. Good Luck with that one.

Listen to your body. It will talk to you when your mind is quiet, at rest… Breathe… Communicate like a normal person and talk to other people. Learn all you can learn… Do not rely on someone that isn’t going to put you 1st. Hey this is good s**t, but yet I feel like I have to constantly remind people that fitness is more than just the weights, the food or there lack of, the supplements.

It’s a very personal connection with YOU…

Your subconscious mind… I do this for the mental/emotional/spiritual gains first and my body just follows at a later date. That’s it, my big secret… Ha… Good Preworkout and Metal, yes, lots of metal…

Now… What The FK Have You Done Lately?

The Word Coach…
David A. Mineo
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