Wonder Woman (2017)

So I saw WONDER WOMAN Sunday of opening weekend and it was great. However, behind the scenes, the plot has a lot of dark undertones.

Spoilers Ahead, but not that many.

I am more going to tackle the tone and how the characters react to certain situations and why they would react the way they do. I am not really going to discuss what the INTERNET thinks and all these Political Buzz and Pro Feminist Theories about why it wasn’t in the USA and all that Pro-Woman Stuff. We already did a World War Period Piece its called Captain America. No reason to rehash all that.

One of the first things I noticed was how MEN treated DIANA in general. As beautiful as the character is portrayed, a muse of sorts, and the men in the film are entranced with her. Men still looked down at her as a 2nd class citizen for being a female. Pretty much every man including Chris Pine’s Character all treat her at first with utter distain of her Alpha Female Mentality. It’s a theme that is repeated through out the film till about towards the climax of the film. After she saves the village/town that sort of attitude towards her is changed to one of “WONDER.” I suppose the PUN is intended there. Everyone looks at her now with utter disbelief and hope.

Some will probably think that just because the Evil God in the film is a man and Diana is a Woman there is some parallel to us humans right now. Yeah, I don’t think so. It’s nice to imagine that, but I do not feel that is the case here. The film being direct by a woman I feel gave it a nice touch, but it was still gritty, it was still dark and they did not shy away from violence and death in the film. However, I do feel that these tones are there because we have become so desensitized over the past few years with all the events that have been happening in reality that this movie has to be done this way to connect with its audience, specifically the American Audience.

Me being an odd ball for an Alpha Male, I find the Alpha female very attractive. Some Alpha Males probably need the opposite, but I do not. Not to say I do not like girly girls because I do. I just find something extra in the Alpha, go for it big or go home, mentality that I find appealing. It’s not so much the physical, but also the meta physical and intelligence. Diana doesn’t just represent physical strength, but the evolution of the female. Her character is raised on a completely different level of beliefs that bewilder the men of 1918. Even from the religious point of view. She worships Zeus, not Jesus. Big Difference there in ideology. You can see this in all the interactions she has. By the time we get back to present day DC Universe she understands Humanity a lot better.

On the outside looking in, Wonder Woman is kind of like Tyler Durden from FIGHT CLUB, she is everything a woman wants to/can be/needs to be to reach her goal. She does it out of LOVE for humanity. Like a mother that nurtures her child. From Love, but also all her wit and spirit of being an Alpha Dog… She always moves forwards, no matter how small those steps may be. “It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” It’s true; them are good words to believe in. Belief is a start, with a belief the wonder begins. All that’s left is ACTION… The human imagination can be a very powerful tool. Its how one uses that tool that will define them.

Wonder Woman (2017)
by David-Angelo Mineo
639 Words