The EARTH is NOT FLAT & You’re Pretty Stupid If You Actually Believe That It Is…

For some odd reason there is an ever growing subculture of people in the United States and around the world that believe the Earth is Flat… Yes, I said it. People actually believe the Earth is a Flat Disc and that NASA and all the world leaders have been lying about it since, well, forever.

Yeah, it’s an interesting subject to talk about, but to actually believe it and that YouTuber’s and Flat Earther’s actually believe this is completely insane thinking.

Pseudo Science is not science its not even theories (it is literally made up suggestions to form an opinion). One cannot just make up a whole branch of science, not test it, and then make compelling videos about it, and call that FACT. That isn’t how it is done. Yet, this generation has the science knowledge of a trained chimp. It’s crazy what people are passing off as fact with no science fact to back it up and when you call them out on it they react like you’re wrong and the idiot, but yet have real science fact backing you up.

They are basically telling you 1+1 doesn’t equal 2 and you’re dumb for thinking that it does. It’s like this with everything now. Political, Religion, Fitness Science, whatever it might be. You have 2 generations of people that believe in things that are not correct and you cannot correct them without being an intellectual and social piranha.

See a fact is something that can be proven in nature. A theory is a guess based on scientific principals, they cannot be proven as fact, but are an educated guess.

You’re telling me… That all the planets are also flat discs? That the Sun is literally 50,000 KM away? That all the things we have done in last 100 years in space is straight up Fraud, lol? Ok, cool, prove it with real science, not a made up science that neatly fits the belief that the Earth is Flat.

Just like Aliens, there is no way the leaders of the world can keep that a secret for as long as humans have had the ability to check up on these things… My mentor, Arthur C. Clark, best known for the 2001 A Space Odyssey Series, was a real scientist first and a science fiction writer 2nd. His biggest contribution to science was the creation of the “Communications Satellite.”

It was created because communications up to that point was strictly “line of sight,” but because of the curvature of the Earth signals could only go so far. One cannot make a wave curve, well maybe gravity can do that, but not natural on Earth. So he built these satellites so they can bounce signals around the Earth in real time. Basically all your DirecTV, Cell Phone technology uses this technology.

Now Clarke being the visionary and a real scientist that he was, RIP, would never have aloud a secret like that to stay a secret. Plus, if the Earth was flat how many of these communication satellites would we need to relay signals around the planet?  ONE, we would only need one and guess what; there is not one out there. Thousands of them are out there. To finish this up. Here is an excerpt from my video blog “Why Not Utopia” from June 17th 2014, wow, 3 years already. I remember doing this.

{When was it cool to be a follower, never ask questions and get correct answers? What happened to common sense? Logic? To problem solve? I thought the future would be full of thinkers, and doers, and most of the population is stuck in old school, pre-programmed bullshit. People follow blindly without regard anymore! Facts and theories. Faith is something one cannot prove, or be disproven. One cannot measure faith in terms of chemistry, numbers, physics. It’s not a tangible thing. The universe can be measured… It exists in nature, and tends to behave like a Mandala Fractal…. If you truly believe that it is literally reality, (Earth Being Flat) whoa…. Whoa dude, whoa…. I say prove it, they say, “here is proof.” I say eh, yeah, sort of, but it’s really not proof. You just believe it to be proof. None of this adds up, sorry… The scientific community that proves things, theories to be facts and also the world, these same people depend on us to help form this reality, says, “in order for it to be a real thing, we have to have real evidence of its existence, in a scientific format, that is which by all facts and things that are real can be proven to exist in our REALITY.”}

I understand this Flat Earth Society believes in what they believe in, but they are not looking at real scientific data. They are looking at data complied based on principals that are flawed, that are not real science. Pseudo Science is not real. It’s based on assumptions that cannot be proven using the scientific method, which is the standard by which all theories are proved to be FACTS…

We come back to 1+1=2. 1+1=2, always equals 2 in this reality. The only exception is quantum mechanics but we are not talking about the study of the very very tiny. We are talking about the Earth Being a Flat Disc and not a NON perfect sphere. You watch these YouTube Videos and its like Videos of UFO’s you can’t see anything, you cannot make anything out. You cannot really understand what is being said, described. How can one believe the Earth is Flat based on that kind of data? Well, only stupid people that don’t/can’t understand real science.

Hey, science to some is a very difficult thing to understand. It takes hard work to understand principals of science and what have I said about people in this generation. They are lazy. They do not want to do hard work for any reason. If it isn’t simple then it must be a lie or some other manipulation. If it doesn’t agree with them, no matter if you are right or not, you’re the idiot, not them. Its just easier that way. Its PLAUGED all through our society now.  The EARTH is NOT FLAT & You’re Pretty Stupid If You Actually Believe That It Is… 

The EARTH is NOT FLAT & You’re Pretty Stupid If You Actually Believe That It Is…
by David-Angelo Mineo
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