The Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement

Most of this was taken from a FACEBOOK Wall Post I had on the 21st of June, 2017. I got into an argument with someone I knew from the gym about social media and dating sites.

Them Believing their opinion is fact and just not an opinion. I didn’t even comment, just left with the laughing, smiling face, because I didn’t wanna get into it.

Yet, this girl just insists on wanting to know why I thought her post was funny. Not 2 comments in, her white knight b/f wants to chime in. Granted I know both these people from the gym and they are both too young to hold my attention for too long. I tried to keep it short and brief, but this is what happens when people of strength, confidence, befriend or treat other people equally that are lesser than you and/or of lesser strength, and confidence than you.

I simply did not have the heart to be too forth coming with that in which I already knew. “You’re too hypersensitive and insecure As Fuck.” You know, the insecure, the “I can’ts” of the world or the “won’ts.”


Look, if you are one of these people; I am so sorry, but if you do not radically change your life and your thinking your life experiences will suck. You cannot just sit around and hope that things will change, because you are not happy with you, yourself, the way you look, they way you think and that you complain about it on FACEBOOK.


I don’t know why these 20-something Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement people think they can coast through life without doing something. 1st off; most of this stems from kids and teenagers having social media. If your kid isn’t 18+ they should not have access to FB/IG/Twitter – any dating sites. If you let them, that is on you, it’s not healthy. Not at all. It creates a false sense of self about what they can actually do out there in the real world.

These sites were created by computer people that read and write computer code like you go to the bathroom. Its 2nd nature to them, and no, you will never be up to par with their level of understanding and knowledge on the subject. So just don’t.

Just know, these sites/apps are up to make advertisers money and for adults that know how to handle themselves. Apparently, most, even then cannot handle themselves. This isn’t all Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement issues; grown ass adults act badly As Fuck on social media too more than the young people.

You get these 20-something Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement people and start acting like “know it all’s” with little or no data about the world or even subject they are talking about. Social Media is now the number one source for news in the world. BAD IDEA… Most of the articles posted are from FAKE NEWS sites, or opinion sites. That isn’t creditable in my opinion.


So 20-something Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement people take a subject, any subject. They read an opinion piece on it. Do no other research or look up on the subject. Then post their own personal thoughts about it. How much of this is actually FACT? They do not know really. That’s right, they do not, know…


They’re having an opinion of someone else’s opinion; don’t know how much fact-checking they did. Now granted on the Internet that isn’t easy to do, but if I am looking up something and almost all my search results say the same thing. I would say that is a fair bet what you are talking about is probably true. As true as you can research it. That isn’t what we are getting. So when I call someone out or make a joke about something, what do I get?


Immediate defensive behavior… When you challenge someone with facts and they cannot come back at you. They just start with the BS hate or play very dumb. They will try to bully you and make you feel stupid because if they can get under your skin maybe you will stop debunking their stupid claims that the Earth is Flat or that Beware of TINDER, everyone there just wants to RAPE YOU, or something. I mean what is it with all the Dark, END OF DAYS, Bullshit Posts Lately?


I get it… Some guy on social media or messages you on a dating app, is interested. You being young with, hypersensitive, insecure little snowflake-millennium mentality, with little actual real world experience thinks its real and go right ahead and spread those legs thinking its love.


Well, when that double dose of reality kicks in and you realize that is all the guy wanted, rather then licking your wounds and getting back to it. You write a 2000 word Facebook Post as a warning to women.


WHAT? Why is it every time a 20-something Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement person gets butthurt it’s the END OF DAYS? You get up, brush yourself off and get back to work. Just because this person’s insecurities make them weak minded does not mean the confident strong ones need to come down a notch just because they want a ribbon for coming in last.


You want the respect, earn it, it will never be given to you. If you are weak and people see it, you just became a victim and it is no one person’s fault other than yourself.


I am blogging about this now, because I am sick and tired of the 20-something Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement people out there FK’n up my social media experience because of their HYPERSENSETATIVITY, Uneducated Opinions of Opinions, Religious, Political takes & Bullying Tactics.


One should never be rewarded in any respect of life for being ignorant and dumb.

The Insecure Snowflake Millennial of Entitlement
By David-Angelo Mineo
6/21/2017 & 6/29/2017
975 Words