Negative Shades of Grey

Being Negative is no way to be. They’re a lot of people out there trying to motivate people and teach them how “NOT” to think negative. I think this is a great thing. However, it’s not a simple one. Nor, is it even practical; and if it is, then I have to bring up the question of adversity.

How much have they had in life? A lot? Not so much? As much as me? Its hard for me to relate to people that are happy all the time and act like the bad things do not affect them. It is a question of being able to relate to them; to trust them with what they say. It is how we deal with our adversity that defines us.

Since when was just being opinionated and honest to yourself to be deemed as being a negative personality? Never Apologize For What You Feel…

It’s Like Saying Sorry For Being Real, Sorry Not Sorry… I do get it… I totally do not get it. However, social media is not like that. People say both the positive and the negative, not because it’s right, correct, nice, or putting someone down. It’s because they can. That simple.

Let’s face facts… More times than not if everyone here that comments on a chain, which is awesome btw, sat in a circle and had a discussion, that not everyone agreed with each other on, most would not even have an opinion. They would be too timid to speak their mind.

Most probably would just go with the flow and not saying what is on their mind. Social Media has changed all that. Most of us have accepted it, but not all. There are still a lot of people out there that want attention so badly and want to know what that person meant by this comment and such that there is a huge oversaturation of people on social media and walking around town saying things that just are not true.

Truth is something someone says and can show real evidence of its existence in the real world. Not here in a virtual one and not just the potential for said existence.  If that were the case I could say just about anything and not have to prove it and call that real #TRUTH.

That would not be accurate, but yet people except this kind of logic all the time now. The Dummying Down of Real Thought is happening. The realists now are looked at like social pariahs, because they will not adapt to the new norm of, “Hey if you fail its ok to be last, here is a participation trophy so you do not feel left out.” I call BULLSHIT on this thinking.

I say do not push out negativity, but use it as a tool. Use it to motivate. Use the power of that pain to fuel your determination. “It has been always easier to destroy rather than create.” Spock, Star Trek II…

I am still not changing my opinion on the subject just because I do not agree with others. I will not modify my behavior just to please others or give them this false sense of entitled feeling that they are helping people. If you do not have a degree in Philosophy, Psychology or Psychiatry I doubt one is qualified to give that kind of life-changing advice as a job. It then becomes a Pseudo Practice. The Word Pseudo literally translates to “not genuine; sham; fake.” 

The only difference is if what you do sets yourself apart from all those other phonies out there.  I love discussion. Hey, do you think we all would be cool if we agreed on everything lol? With me, one always knows I will say whatever is on my mind, be it positive or negative.

I do not mean to come off like I have little empathy, it’s true I do not have much empathy out there to give. It’s hard for me to care when most of your life all you know is hurt, pain, and failure. Its mental conditioning 101. If I feel like it needs to be said, I will say it. 

I have a certain outlook on things and, yeah, it won’t always go with the Pseudo Positive flow that everyone wants to project these days, but that is the beauty of it. If we were all positive all the time there would be no negative. You cannot have black without the white.

Most just call it Grey now. The lines are so blurry now everything is sort of grey and does not have a clear definition.  I Will Not Apologize For Others I Come Into Contact With Being Mentally Weak… 

David-Angelo Mineo
787 Words