a lifter’s diary… Volume 8

As I sit here at work thinking about my current situation on Day IV with NO POWER after Hurricane Irma and listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Live and Loud” double live CD from the No More Tears Tour. (Note) this was supposed to be Ozzy’s farewell tour, lol, R-I-G-H-T….. All the hard times and pain I have endured I have decided to conform to my better judgment and scale back my workouts for a bit. I have been doing a variation of my current workout for over a year and now it is time for a change.

Current Routine is 6 Days on and 1 Day off. I now want to do 5 Days On and 2 days off, preferably weekends off. For one, I want to watch more football this year. 2nd I want a few extra hours to write more. I have my next 2 short stories planned out and now after a year its time to write them and get back to my big project, “The Great Change;” the novel that was started, but never finished; time to finish and get on with what left I have of a healthy life.

The current routine is a split routine which I want to morph to fit into what I am doing now. I basically hit most of my muscle groups twice a week, but with all my schedule changes with dental appointments, work, a short vacation, doctor’s visits, hurricanes, injuries, other medical issues and just plans in constant shifting, I need to restructure so I can maximize my gym time.

MonSlay – Calves/Shoulders/Back

TueSlay – Chest/Arms

WedneSlay – Legs/Glutes/Calves

ThurSlay – Shoulders/Back

FriSlay –  Chest/Arms

I am basically cutting a full day off my legs and just touching calves on a 2nd day. Since I do not get a lot of gains due to Doctor Death (Diabetes). I can merge Shoulders and Back together, but have to cap my shoulder workout to X amount of sets so I have enough energy/time for Back-Attack.

I hope this works with rest/repair and more gains while freeing up some time for me to do other activities like write and possibly get back into music. I have also elected to switch up gyms as well. I still plan to keep my ATC (Around the Clock) Membership, but with season right around the corner traffic will thicken and me sitting in it will lengthen. Crunch is right down the road. Its by far a better facility with a lot of different equipment and its also cheap. I can pay the whole year in cash on day 1.

For those that have duel memberships. See you there. For those that do not. I am sorry, but I really need a change of scenery. I go to the gym to train. Sure I socialize and I have met a lot of great people at the ATC’s but I also get a Judge by people that have no business judging me. Do not worry what I am doing Instagramar… Worry about you…

a lifter’s diary… Volume 8
by David-Angelo Mineo
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