Only the Guilty Go to HELL…

I have not BLOGGED in a quick minute… Do I have things to say. ABSOLUTELY… However, I have had some real hardships happen to me since July 2017 and I have not had the energy/focus to put anything down on a word processor.

This Blog comes directly from a response to someone’s post on the Facebook about Jealously and Jealous People. It’s a very short one. Also, I have been watching the FOX, Now NetFlix show “Lucifer” a lot lately and I really like their take on the GUILTY and Hell…

In my experience, I have found jealous people tend to be that way because they feel guilty for doing something wrong. It is called, “A Self Projectionist” or a person that does/says things about you but are really talking about themselves. 

That is what makes sociopaths so dangerous.

They literally feel no guilt in their actions and thoughts. Most people feel guilty when they do something wrong or damaging to others, especially their lovers. Let’s face it; few can and could keep that kind of secret without feeling some sort of guilt about it. They cannot help it. They want others to know, but not directly. Within keeping those kinds of actions and thoughts to themselves, they begin to wonder… Could others do it to them? They become ADDICTED to the Paranoia that someone is doing something terribly wrong to them.

There you have it in a nutshell. Like a Hamster, it is a wheel that keeps turning.  With that said. I do not believe hell is a place for evil people, but rather a place the soul goes to relive all those guilty moments that they could not work out in life. They are trapped in their own misery of addiction to the guilt they feel for doing something or many things wrong in life. Can they leave this place? Sure, there is not a locked door. However, the soul is doomed to repeat it.

Most cannot let go of their guilt. Maybe after enough one will see it for what it is, but with repetition comes normal and easy and what do we know about easy? People tend to do easy more than do a thing hard. It was Dante that gave us our modern version of hell, not the bible. Jealously will lead to guilt unless they are a sociopath. Sociopaths get a special VIP card to never go to hell. That is what makes them dangerous and they know it. If you meet one stay away. They are “UNSAVABLE.” They will only bring you pain and misery or more to your life.

Only the Guilty Go to HELL…
By David-Angelo Mineo
437 Words