Why I Did Not Vote…

I did not vote today. I did not even attempt to register. Why I do not do my civil duty? Well, the simple explanation is this.

I am not LEFT, RIGHT or MIDDLE. I use common sense, logic, critical thinking when dealing with these things. I agree with some, yet do not with others’. I refuse to vote for someone I cannot openly support.


I am not a TRUMP supporter, but I support the seat of the PRESIDENT. WHOMEVER, that, may, be. It just so happens it’s a guy that All LEFT people want to bash. So. You can count me out as Left.


The right is just the LESSOR of the 2 Evils. I agree with some, but not all and I refuse to be RIGHT just because I don’t wanna be LEFT.


Apparently, one cannot be MIDDLE without pissing off either side. So there goes that.


I will not vote for one side just to NOT HAVE the other side get in.

That is not why one should vote. One votes for someone they openly support and stand by.

Since there was NONE, I couldn’t do that with, that makes my vote useless.


If you are so crazy about politics. Next Election I will gladly SELL YOU my vote for “A price.” You will pay me for my time, patience and affiliation. I will then go register my name for your political party and vote for your candidate.


Other than that. Leave me the hell alone with your perception of what is/was/could be. I am really not interested. I do not TROLL the news or even pay attention. I am too occupied with making my life better, which is extremely difficult.


Life is not, NOT EASY for me. Voting for your candidate is not going to correct or make my situation any better.


So before calling me an ASSHOLE or Shamin’ me with NO “analytical thought processes of discussion” other than name-calling. Think about your life. Stop thinking about MINE.

I am glad people have a voice and care so much about America. Just because I do not share with your perception doesn’t imply or even say that I am NOT AMERICAN.

I love my freedom. My father and brother both served and I have seen what it can do to people. That is all I really have to say here. I did not post this to piss anyone off or rough feathers. Just simply saying why I didn’t/don’t vote. Thank You.  

Why I Did Not Vote…
David-Angelo Mineo
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