This Election & FACEBOOK

I’ll tell you that social media is just nuts these days with this poop political nonsense culture, vote for LEFT, vote for RIGHTONE being a scumbag because one voted for LEFT over RIGHT and you chose ONE, and DEGRADE others is absolutely asinine…. These are people you know in most cases…

WTF is wrong with you ALL???

What so many people are posting, yeah, I can unfollow you, I can unfriend you, but I just choose not to comment or contribute to your nonsense…

It’s not even the young Millennials or snowflake type people it’s the people in my age range 35 to 45… You are grown-ass, semi educated, adults, start acting like it… It’s absolutely ridiculous how some of you people are treating one another… I mean this is not what this is supposed to be about… Yet, you all expect support in your lives from your friends.

Don’t you all have lives? Don’t you have passions about other things? 

Don’t you have businesses?

Don’t you realize employers, businesses, and clients look at your Facebook activity and when they see this kind of thing you think they want to do business with you? You think they want to pay you for a service when all you do is talk about hate and what this person is and how big a scumbag they are, homophobe, drug addict, racist or they take money illegally?

Whatever it might be that you’re spewing about; do you think people want to read that about you and then use you to help themselves better their lives? Do you really think that is attractive?

Do you listen to good music? Smoke really good weed, have great sex, watch awesome movies??? Aren’t there other interests in your lives besides who the hell the governor is or who the hell the president is???

Don’t you realize that most of the things that they do don’t affect your life at all.


Yeah you’re going to sit here and respond and tell me how it affects my life… Does it actually affect your life? It only affects your life if you allow it to affect your life…

Now my FB experience has to be hindered extensively because adults act like 15 year old whiny bitches and literally argue like it’s high school…

I also tend to have a compulsion to respond to certain things that I see on here and I’m working really really hard to not even acknowledge these kinds of posts and if I see them over and over and over I just unfollow or unfriend that person even though I’ve known them for 20 years.

I’m going to choose my experience on Facebook. I am not going to allow others to dictate what I want to see and want to respond to…

Yeah, post articles and expect everyone to read and try to match your perception… Perhaps do something smart, like post the article and PARAPHRASE it so people don’t have to read all through that garbage…

Offer real practical Solutions other than spewing hate towards one another, and when you think that this whole thing is about one person it’s not. If you’re reading this and contribute to this nonsense then yeah, maybe it is about you, and yeah, maybe you should unfollow me or unfriend me or whatever.

Its not like that we talk everyday and the way my life is going I’m making more important friendship relationships with people I don’t even know over people that I’ve known for 20 years. It’s not like most of you respond to PERSONAL MESSAGES ANYWAYS.

I try to support my friends but SHITTTTT you all make so difficult and uncomfortable that I feel like what’s the goddamn point?

I guess you can call me asshole now. I didn’t vote. I didn’t even register. Why… Well you can FK’n read my explanation for it. Below…  

This Election & FACEBOOK
David-Angelo Mineo
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