Social Media… Politics… Stop…

ROBIN: Batman, I wanna post my political thoughts on FB!


BATMAN: Robin, stop being a political TROLL. No one cares what you think about politics on social media.

This is a RE-Work of a post from a friend and I thought it was spot on.

I am re-wording this and putting my own spin on it, but hope the message does not get distorted.

This is by NO means calling any “one” person out or one of those posts where I am talking about “YOU…”


No, it is not about “you.” Its never about anyone of you, but the group as a whole. By group, I mean FB and/or The Damn Race of Sheepeople…


No one really cares what you really think about Politics/Religion/The Military-Industrial Complex/Political Policy/TRUMP.


What you consider to be offensive; “Your everyday man or woman for that matter,” gives zero s**ts and F**ks about your perception of what is going on in our country.

Stop Bashing and perhaps offer some “helpful” insight over just hating because you do not agree.

MORE IMPORTANTLY “Stop” insulting others because they do not agree with your perception of what is seen…

It is alright to not agree, but to sit there and hate over nothing, no insight, no real take. Just copying and pasting a shady written article does not make one knowledgeable about said topics.

So here’s a Batman MEME Slap to Robin’s Face and a Vince McMahon “Shutttttttttt Uppppppppp.”

No one cares what you think!!!

If you want to spark a conversation, cool.

If you just want to drag out HATE on social media because you are overly emotionally attached to things that “literally do not affect your everyday life.”

Don’t you have a job, kids, a wife, husband or other adulting things to do than be just a troll on social media?

Is that what you want to be known for on here, REALLY?

Again, Not about “you.” Just look at what gets contributed on here and that should be enough said.

Your thoughts on politics will not change people’s minds or bring more people closer to you.

You are only chasing people away…


You say you do it to bring awareness… News FLASH… People are aware, they are bombarded with images, videos, articles, Google Searches, College Degrees, Professors and their own experiences.


They are aware… They just do not care. They really don’t. Their actions say so, not their words, remember that shit…

This goes hand and hand with my posts on tumblr about being a too opinionated on, politics, on social media.

Have a look  

Social Media… Politics… Stop… 

Social Media… Politics… Stop…
David-Angelo Mineo
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