Let’s Put The LOVE Back In Sex

I am absolutely not triggered by this subject and I apologize in advance for the length, but I am expressive with my opinions.

My opinions are never snap judgments. This Blog will be very well thought out and I have to establish some “Logical Rules” for them.

These set the groundwork for logic within my rationale. 1st it must be established, and I do not mean to offend anyone, but context is so very important to understand. Especially in this subject.

1) I used to work in the Porn Industry as a producer, a production supervisor who spent nearly 40 hours a week filming and editing video of adult content. I was never in said clips, strictly the video production and video embedding for INTERNET Streaming aspects.

2) I have had a lot of sex with a lot of partners over a 15-year span. I have had a lot of sex with industry workers, strippers/dancers/servers/bartenders/merchs girls. You name it.

3) I have had a lot of sex with just about all shapes/sizes/colors/creeds. I have a very large pool of sample data to make my observations.

4) I have met a good portion over the INTERNET and Social Media

5) As of March 2020 will mark 4 years I have not had sexual contact in any meaningful way from a woman.

I have type 2 diabetes and VERY Low Testosterone from this. With these combined, I now have Persistent Depressive Disorder. This has utterly destroyed my sex drive to a point I have no sex drive at all.

After 4 years of this, my thought processes have changed about women, how I see women, what I want from women and how I feel about sex.

These are not judgments. A judgment is an opinion based on only limited or no experience. An observation is an opinion based on years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes of sampling and studying data.

Based on these rules of logic where do you think my opinion lies? That of judgment or observation?

I actually prefer keeping consensual sex workers in close company. It is true I do not have a preference per-say, but I like knowing that I can be close to someone that has an extremely oversaturated experience with sex.

To me, it just brings me actually closer to that person. From a psychological point of view, it interests me as well. Like, how can this person with all the crazy sex stuff in their life have a normal sexual concept in their mind, in their soul?

Now think about that for a second. You are the sex worker, you are still human. You get urges like everyone else, now try to make that normal when you just spent that last 8 hours stripping and grinding on guys or girls or both at the club as your job?


Brushing off, the pretty much constant, looks, attitudes, advances and shady comments from people as a bartender or server?  You just spent hours or days dealing with this shit and now you can go home.

The last thing you probably want is to get laid or have a guy/girl/both up on you, inside you, using you as their release. What about your release? Be it sexual or otherwise???

Our world society is very over-sexualized. You have kids on Tik Toc, SnapChat and all other forms of social media just acting like, “they get sex.” No… Their hormones are just going crazy and they want a platform for that. Granted they do not require, (need), one, they want one, because one is available. THE INTERNET.

The internet used to be full of adults looking for the same thing. Sure, there was that, but there were also the crazies. People that have dark, sick and twisted sexual fantasies that did not revolve around the one important rule about sex… CONSENSUAL…

No, these people do not want a partner to get off with, for, in or whatever. They want to consume them, mentally, physically and sexually. They are fucking demons and deserve destruction… They ruin it for everyone…

With that in play that has ruined a person’s ability online to create sexual situations. Unless you want to pay $29.99 a month for it. Most do not. I won’t.

There is a very distorted view of how women look at themselves. You can see it on the 2,000+ women on my INSTAGRAM that barely wear anything, have cleavage hanging out and sticking their thong covered ass in our faces.

I mean in most cases these same women would be like; “What The Hell” if you were in a sexual situation with them and tried to stick “it” in their ass! I am saying, well you advertise your ass like you really want me to have it. So I am having it and you have an issue with this, huh?

See the logic I am going with here. Girl, sucks on a candy sucker, but won’t suck your cock, again, huh?

There are a whole generation of women out there obsessed with being sexually attractive to men.

Not just for income reasons, but they do not understand what love is in most cases. Some may have had sexual trauma when they were younger. I am seeing a lot of that these days.

Sad it comes in stages. There was a time when I thought that was finally leaving our society only for it to come back with a vengeance.

They just react to what they know and all they were taught growing up is you have to look this way. You have to let the guy do what he wants. That his sexual gratification is the definition of LOVE… We all know, most from experience, that is not the case, not at all.

Women today will be obsessed with their bodies because they are obsessed with being LUSTED AFTER, but what they actually want to feel is UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE = LOVE…  Even when they know it they will settle for LUSTED AFTER.

Why you see the very extremely beautiful bartender with some douche bag that lives off her money and treats her like trash. She comes home from fighting all the advances only to have to come home to a guy that wants to get in-between her legs before she even has time to unwind, shower, grab a bite to eat. Mind you he didn’t make her any food or layout a bath for her or any of the sort.

Her Social Media is full of sexually explicit comments and her inbox is full of unsolicited pics and more pics of dicks she never wanted to see or asked for…

This isn’t RAPE… She expects this treatment. Her concept of love and sex is just her caving, to whatever the guy she happens to be with’s, will.

She wants better… She wants to have her own sexual image and concepts, but has no idea what that even means. She believes this is love and the stuff in the movies is just fictionIt is for the most part.

However, US MEN, can be better. We can be better. We can DO Better… After my 15 years of sampling. Mind you, I have tried serious relationships. Some of it was me, some of it was them.

Things happen. I am by no means a saint, but I am not the devil either. I have always carried myself with integrity and have always been extremely forward with women, with what I want, what I need, what I am willing to put up with and what I am willing to except.

It’s on them, after that, if they decide to sleep with me or not. That part has always had very little to do with me. I am as Transparent as clean air, which is rare lately, apparently.

When I was younger I wanted the girl that looked like the porn star. As I have gotten older what I want in looks has changed. I do not have a type. Most women I get chatty with believe I am into fitness only type girls because I am into fitness.

That isn’t true. I do like those types too but it isn’t “The Type,” it is just a type. I mean if had 1,000 words to create my match I would need 2,000 just to get started hahahah…

I am into all sort of things that could spark my attraction for a female. Even with my current medical/mental situation with sex. I still find women attractive. I still crave attention/acceptance from them. Just sex isn’t the priority. Yes… It does suck… I miss the ole me in that area. It was a huge part of my attractive personality that allowed me so much freedom in my sampling pool.

I need a few things to go right so I can start the medical process all over again. However, this isn’t about me and my issues, but my perception of how sex is viewed through my eyes to give some of the younger women some perspective on how/why they feel the way they do.

Porn is entertainment. Most of the themes in Porn are about; what if hot sex just fell in one’s lap and everyone was hyperhorny 24/7 and then go act that out on camera, “a scene.”

After working in the industry of making adult movies, my own sexual experiences and my current situation; that, if young girls want to be fawned over and pursued like that of a porn star they absolutely can, just do not do it like the movies.

I have met hypersexual women before. I have met sexually assertive women before. Find your nitch. You do not need to use your looks and sexuality to get said attention. Sure it is there, and use it as you see fit, but use it in a more productive way.

Take some time to think about what you want… Need… Not just from a guy. Not just sexually, but what do you want… What do you need… When you find those things out then you can use ALLLLLLLLLLL of that to convey to the guy.

He is either going to look through you and just see that bubble butt or those nice boobs or great lips and just think about what fun that would be in the sack.

OR… He can find out what kind of person you are and realize that sex may last what? 45 minutes? Ha… From what I am hearing less than 7 minutes….

What the heck are you all supposed to do after that. Netflix and Chill hahahha, binge watch a show? Come on now… If you young ladies dig 7 minutes and a complete mess on your body or in your body then you have no work to do. Just tell guy what you will do for him or tell him, you can do anything you want to me. He’ll jump, he’ll do it. He will not care about your feelings in the process.

If you want to be lusted after, loved, appreciated… Fuck the dumb stuff. If you want to be this guy’s addiction for, however long it lasts… Then challenge him and stimulate yourself in the ways that you need and want before you allow him that pleasure…

I still like to look at dancers and such. I find porn hilarious now. It literally is like a Ben Stiller comedy for me now. Just full of slapstick moments. The only time I remotely find it sexually appealing is when it goes, from a psychological point of view, awkward.

Boss catches secretary touching herself on the clock, boss wants blowjob or she’s fired lol… Girl comes in for a job interview and has a choice to make put out or don’t get the job… I know I know. Stuff like that. It is still funny because, me being a very cerebral sexual personality can tell this isn’t very awkward for her, like, at all hahahah. Go to acting school, lol…

Some of my best sexual lovers were women that either had sexual trauma in their life, a lot of partners. Women with self-love and self-esteem issues. These women embraced me, because I am free, sexually. They were either seeking this or had already achieved this and they found that attractive about me. They understood the concept of keeping love and sex completely separate but yet mutually exclusive


I am just funny enough to get a gal’s attention and keep it for longer than 7 minutes. Hahahaha… If there are questions about what I have said here. Feel free to ask…  I had a lot of fun exploring some of the concepts and thought here on the subject of sex…

Let’s Put The LOVE Back In Sex
by David-Angelo Mineo
Words 2,124