Coronavirus (COVID-19) or 1984 Not 2020…

So, it has come to this now. I have to actually write about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or 1984 Not 2020…

After weeks of panic and the mass media shoving this whole thing down our throat I went and did a little research of my own.

Now ALL my data comes from the official CDC website and I did not go looking for counteracting data or visit any other websites for data.

I mean, we are all supposed to trust the .gov or .org websites for the most part, right? I am being sarcastic here, but yes, we should look at this as fact unless someone/somewhere comes with better data.

This data is based on estimates. I did not do any other fumbling of numbers. I took the data directly from the website(s).

It should be noted that there were no stats available for symptomatic for age ranges or any other variables.

Like, if they were children, elderly or all people prone to infection, easily. Yeah, none of that.

ALL THE STATS here are Worldwide, all are considered estimates.

The numbers very…

MERS – 2,499 Cases, where 861 deaths in 2012 or 34.45%.

SARS – 8,437 Cases, where 813 deaths in 2003 or 9.63%

COVID-19 – 99,255 Cases (so far of the writing of this blog), where 3,368 deaths (again, so far) or 3.4%.

It should be noted that of these 3,368 people most of them either have weak immune systems or were of old age.

“This is preliminary COVID-19 data. While SARS and MERS’ mortality rates are well understood, the definition of COVID-19 diagnoses is still shifting and it may be years until the actual number of cases is known.”

If we ever make it out of it this. Just let those numbers sit in for a second.

I am not saying do not be clean. I am not saying do not take precautions. I am saying don’t be batshit crazy and follow all the sheepeople.

The sheepeople people are those that rely on all their data from TV and Smart Phones (social media), assuming all data is accurate. They just assume that it is fact and do not even attempt to verify if said data has any accuracy to it… COME ON NOW PEOPLE!

Prime example; I had to rewrite this 3 times because said data wasn’t accurate. I had to dig more than a few minutes to find correct data to make this Blog, not an article, make sense.

If I write an actual article. I better be getting paid for it. People and their stupid superiority complexes that, “hey, I am wittier than you…” Ok, so who gives a FK what you think!

People in their late 30’s and 40’s acting stupid AF on Social Media because they are always searching for that attention, that interaction and complaining about their life.

The Facebook timeline is not a diary about your fucking life. People do not want to read that all the time.

It is why I only paraphrase and soft post these Blogs on my Facebook and Instagram.

Just so I can stay clear of that personality that always wants a word in, regardless if it is positive or negative.

 When your comment is all about embarrassing my shortcomings, cool. Don’t need ya, don’t want ya, I remove that voice and get rid of ya.

Sorry for the sidetrack…

These stats are readily available on the CDC’s website & Its public domain. It wasn’t even hard to find. Just had to be a little more specific the 3rd time out.

Overbuying food/water/toilet paper… It’s just INSANITY out there. Most people are behaving normally…

Of course, all the Trump haters will put this on him and make comments to show their disdain. Hell, I am with some of ya. I think it is crazy the OVERREACTION the Government’s stance is on this and how eager they are to wanna, “1984 Police State the hell out of us,” to “control this virus.”

You wanna stock the FK up. Take “a Fair” amount of Vitamin C gummies, drink lots of fluids, eat your meals as you would and rest.

Shit, go out and get some goddamn exercise. I am telling you the next superbug is going to attack unfit people. I do not wanna say the F-word here but obesity is a major contributor of getting sick.

Obese people are literally sick. They do not feel it yet, but I can assure it is shortening that life.

Granted, I get the fact that this thing attacks your lungs, weakened people and people with weak immune systems. I get all that.

All I am saying is if the data is accurate, then data doesn’t lie. Data can tell you many things that are reported as truth, but when you dig a little deeper and understand the actual data you see. Well, it paints an INCREDIBLY Different picture of our reality.

The media has been waiting to report this crap for months, if not years. The media needs to be held accountable for putting all of us through this.

At this point I am soooooo sick of the media I would have ZERO problems with the gov’t marching in their buildings, armed, and just telling them… “You’re done here. We’ll take it from here.” You do not like it, get in the cage, bitch…

Do I want our Not-So-United States under the 1984 Style Police State? Oh, hell no… However, they are not giving us a whole lot of choices.

Since 9/11, maybe even farther back, the media has stopped being about TRUTH and more about ratings and who is watching. What they can sell to us as fact when in reality they did ZERO fact-checking of their own.

FACT (definition) – 1) A thing that is known or proved to be true.  2) A piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article. 3) A “fact” can be defined as something that is the case—that is, a state of affairs.

Facts maybe understood as information that makes a true sentence true. Facts may also be understood as those things to which a true sentence refers.

“In order for it to be a real thing, we have to have real evidence of its existence, in a scientific format, that is which by all facts and things that are real can be proven to exist in our REALITY.” 

Utopia from June 17th 2014…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) or 1984 Not 2020…
1,080 Words
by David-Angelo Mineo