Blind Posting…

You all see it every day on the Facebook. A friend of yours posts an article. You see no caption.

Perhaps the URL/Link to said article, but no caption. No opinion of their own.

You see a main image that seems appealing. Underneath that the source website and then, in bold Segoe UI Font Style, you see the headline.

The headline is the eye grabber and is supposed to make you interested enough to click on the article and go read it.

You do that only to find out that the headline had nothing to do with the article.

This one act can be very frustrating and in a lot of cases sparks not a conversation, but a fight.

A fight because, most do not click on the article to read it. They base their whole judgment on the headline itself.

The person is on their smart phone and doesn’t wanna click on it but wants to comment.

The person then comments their thoughts/opinions on the article, cough, headline and that is where the heat gets started.

The article has little to do with the main headline so a person’s opinion is on a subject that doesn’t even make sense to them.

The poster gets a little pissy themselves, because the person commented and obviously didn’t read the article.

Well, that is what I usually see on the Facebook. I am guilty of this myself from time to time.

I call this, “BLIND POSTING.”

Usually, when someone posts something it is to get a reaction out of people. Be it positive, negative, spark discussion or just to be a dick, online.

The issue with the Blind Post is what is the purpose or intention of that post?

Is it to spark conversation? Who knows. There was not a caption.

This person did not summarize or paraphrase the article either with a brief description or there own thoughts.

We know nothing outside of the post itself, which is just the headline and a URL to the source article.

Below is a fake headline to a fake news story.

CNN On Verge Of Collapse As Ratings Plunge In Wake Of Tom Brady Rumors To Tampa Bay…

Based on just the headline here and we did not click on the link to the article’s source.

We can assume that CNN is about to fall apart due to losing ratings in the wake of all the Tom Brady Press about signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

We go ahead and click the link to read the article. In the article, there are conflicting reports as to where Tom Brady is actually going to go. Who else was interested. At no point does the article verify or even make a serious reference to CNN on the Verge of Collapse based on these reports.

So any comments on the Blind Post referring to anything about CNN is absolutely wrong.

On a side note. I do find it funny that all the news was talking about was Coronavirus this and that.

People on the Facebook for better and/or worse were “batshit crazy” about the subject all damn day, 3/17/2020.

Then news broke that Tom Brady was no longer going to be a PATRIOT next season and then within that hour reports come in that Tom Brady is going to Tampa Bay.

This is funny, because the Coronavirus is the biggest story in the world until Tom Brady switches teams.

Not even a world epidemic can beat out Tom Freakin’ Brady… HAHAHAHAH… That to me is hilarious irony at its finest.

So you start getting condescending comments from the poster back to the commenter and back to the poster and now you have a Fight…

Right on the Facebook wall of all places. Where everyone you know can see it. It is just really dumb.

Again, I have to point out… What is the purpose of the blind post? Why do people just blindly share articles, its seems all the goddamn time now, on their Facebook’s.

If you want to inform people, do it. I get it. You are on your phone and there is a share button, cool.

Go for it, but read it yourself. In a few sentences tells us your opinion or summarize the article.

Let us decide whether it is for us to read.

Is the attempt to post this to sensationalize yourself? Your Social Media presence? I really do not get it. It’s the same people over and over too.

I am going to expand on this concept, as to why people behave like this on social media. The simple answer is just being lazy.

A more complicated answer is they are attention seekers anyways. They are always posting Nonsensical things about their random thoughts of Trump, that they want a cheeseburger or they are not into politics but are always posting stupid political stuff and they need to go do laundry but forgot.

20 posts a day by which 3 of them might be of something worth commenting about. I unfollowed that poster cause everything about them is Nonsensical. Give the poster credit. They never blind posted articles. They always had something to say.

Others, most, do not. I see it every day and I try to educate a little, but I do come off as an ASSHOLE. Not that, subtle prick type asshole, but a real condescending ASSHOLE. I do not mean to be. Just when I type. I sound cold and that I do not care.  The truth is, I do care. A lot. It is why I comment, to begin with.

However, I have learned a few things over the 2 decades about social media. I am 41 years old. It is extremely unlikely anything you say about your views of reality and/or me will change my mind.

You are not going to change the way I think. It is one of the main reasons I have stayed single and didn’t get into the family trap, marry, have babies. I am a “Stubborn Love,” that simple.

I also understand I will not change your mind on a subject. I can tell you my opinion, but I will not be able to change your mind and how you feel about it. Also, I do not care to. It’s not in my power to do and/or care, directly about it.

I comment less and less on the Facebook more than I actually comment. I do this because, I do not wanna start a fight. I’d use messenger more to convey this, but people do not like being direct messaged. They will tell you their whole life and that they cheated on their man or woman all on the FACEBOOK TIMELINE. Makes no damn sense.

I have laid out what BLIND POSTING is and why people get into full-fledged FIGHTS on there because of it.

All I can say to ad to this is… What is your intention to posts things? Be it pics of your family. Thoughts on Trump. Music Video you like, an upcoming movie trailer. Checking into the gym.

Maybe you paint or do digital art? A cosplay model. A model in general. Maybe you sell supplements online, I do… Everything I post always has a caption to it.

I no longer even post articles anymore. I will post links to my tumblr page where I post these blogs. I usually do them 1 of 2 ways.

1) The direct URL with a few short words of the subject matter and that it is a new blog. 2) I will summarize the blog just enough to try to get someone to click on the link to go and read the whole thing.

I do not post the entire thing on the Facebook wall anymore. I call this, “The Soft Post.” This gives one just enough without it being in your face like a BLIND POST or the diaries that people write on the Facebook about their inner thoughts, all the time.

Most do not take their social media so serious like I do in that regard. I treat my audience, followers, friends with respect. I do not want them hating me or hating what I do or try to do.

However, I very frequently do not get that respect back. I get attacked all the time. I get called out all the time by people I know in the world. Funny thing is NONE of these people would ever do it to my face, not ever, but here behind the keyboard, they feel safe.

Pretty sad world we live in when the rules are played like that.

Got sidetracked again with my feelings on stuff. So; just because someone can use their phone on social media does not mean or even imply they know how to use social media. Doing things on your phone is soooooooooo easy. I get that.

However, do not look lazy or like you do not know what you are doing, because it is easy. If you want to use platforms like FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM, great, but have a purpose.

What is your intention??? 

Blind Posting…
by David-Angelo Mineo
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