The Facebook of Passive Aggression Part 2…

No matter what one believes on the COVID Gimmick there are always gonna be sources of info/data that fits in everyone’s donut hole logic bubble.

All I am saying is; if one is for or whatever the other side of it is. People will find data/info that fits their belief structure.

One’s opinion of it will never change people’s minds on it. This goes for any subject matter. We can debate a movie. It’s bad… It’s good… We will both find data to support each other’s belief of it.

Even if you have fake facts or real facts, or science.

It’s why FB sucks so much right now. People cannot help themselves.

It doesn’t matter if it “is” or “isn’t.”

People in general and the INTERNET will always find data, info, pseudoscience to support their belief structure.

It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong.

Our paradigm shifted about 10 years ago with Social Media.

It doesn’t matter if the facts are facts or are pseudo-facts. Pseudo literally means made up.

Most will not be able to change minds like this.

If one can. Quit whatever career and become a car salesperson, because they will make a killin’.

You can disagree. I am just stating what I see on social media since 1998.

Should be noted the word “social media,” used to be social networking, sphere of influence and just networking before that.

Granted, this is just my opinion. Not an attack or anything on other’s opinions.

Just see how people behave on here. What I have said is very dominant in my FB feed.

You are not gonna change someone’s mind that the world is a sphere if they believe it is flat.

They will always find something to suggest it is real or at least real to them.

People can/will hate on me for my opinions.

I have to write 1000 words just to explain myself most of the time with disclaimers and laws of logic.

Especially, because, I do not believe what the world is up to lately is correct, at least from my point of view.

My bubble is very self-contained.

It’s not that I do not agree with the quarantine.

It’s how people are behaving on My Facebook about it. The name-calling. The bullying. Turning it into politics, Left / Right / For Trump / Against Trump.

The opinion that people are pieces of shit because they have opinions that do not slide into their donut hole logic bubble.

The fear-mongering and guilt-tripping. It’s ALL I see on here.

I am not quarantined… I am purposely hiding… All this talk, its FK’n MORE dangerous than the Covid man.

I do not have an issue with the virus and/or the quarantine, 3rd time I have mentioned this now.

It is an issue with people forcing their opinions and ideologies on others and them shaming others if they do not agree.

And it’s been subtle… An off comment here. The use of certain words within a sentence.

An elbow jab here as An uncomfortable joke there or just straight-up name-calling.

No matter what the subject matter is. This attitude and behavior is NEVER ENDING.

There is caring and there are people dictating how EVERYONE else should live.

If most on social media would mind their own most probably would not see so much of this on FB.

However, people cannot help themselves. They are addicted to this behavior pattern.

They feel compelled to force their opinions on the lot that do not agree with what their version of what, how, why, when, should and could is.

There is a disease out there. AND… It is people’s inability and instability to mind their own.

You see it with voting. You see it with this Covid thing. You see it in religion. You see it in politics.

You see it in anything where one has an opinion and options to govern the masses.

People cannot help themselves. On the Facebook, Twitter, wherever, whatever.

Has very little to do with this subject or another.

Mind your own. Stop worrying about things you cannot control, which is very little.

You can control you and yours but not what others do, think, feel. So just stop already. It is total bullshit.

Stop trying to tell the world on how to deal with their business which is not yours.

Pretty simple to me.

Has nothing to do with this specific situation. It is whatever situation arises.

Happens all the time something is afoot and people take to social media.

They do not even notice they are doing it. They always believe they are right. Hey, they might be right.

FOR THEM, but not the lot. The lot has nothing to do with them. I have probably spent way too much time trying to explain the live small and simple mentality.

All I can do is do me and mine own. I try to put my thoughts and feeling down on a word document and blog just to give it some purpose. Just to give it some meaning for me.

If it means something to you all, great… 

The Facebook of Passive Aggression Part 2…
by David-Angelo Mineo
865 Words