Why Not Utopia

Why Not Utopia – Video Interpretation

A short video blog I did a while back. This is what I was talking about with people that believe in false ideologies specifically pertaining to how facts are generated.

The textbook definition of a FACT is, “A thing that is known or proved to be true.”

This is a very simplified definition of what a fact is.

A more complicated definition is “A fact is a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence.

The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability — that is whether it can be demonstrated to correspond to experience.

Standard reference works are often used to check facts.”

To dummy this down a little is a fact is something that cannot be debated to be incorrect. 1+1=2. That is a fact.

One cannot argue with any other study to demonstrate that 1 of something + 1 of something = 2 of something. There is no other way to show a different result based on 1 of something being added to 1 of something.

You have 1 orange and 1 apple. You now have 1 apple and 1 orange but you actually 2 of something.

That is as clear of a definition without getting into quantum entanglement and string theory.

When we talk facts on Social Media we are talking about politics mostly and fake news over real news and such.

However, the foundation of how a fact is determined has not been changed.

Pertaining to reports, politics, news and fake news; A fact doesn’t have to be a fact and strangely we have accepted it.

Why have people accepted this? Why have Democrats and Republicans, FOX/CNN delivers information in such a way and why do they expect us, the people, to accept that data as the correct way to broadcast opinions…

All 3 of these sources are incorrect.

A fact is a fact. Just because society has its own agenda as to what a fact is, pending on the source, doesn’t mean or even imply that is what/how a Fact is created and delivered.

At this point I will leave actual FACTS up to the people that do the research and test theories in a format that produces a FACT, which is something that cannot be debated, yet, HERE…WE…ARE…

Below is a transcript of the YouTube Video Above if the mechanized voice doesn’t work for you. I did not do a voice over because my recorded voice sucks.

I sound like an old woman that just drank a 5th of Jack and has been smoking Cancer Sticks for 3 hours straight.

Its why I never do karaoke or have sung in a band. It just sounds bad…

Utopia is a possibility, but not how most of the world, specifically, Americans think nowadays. When was it cool to be a follower, never ask questions and get correct answers?

What happened to common sense? Logic? To problem solve?

I thought the future would be full of thinkers, and doers, and most of the population is stuck in old school, pre-programmed bullshit.

People follow blindly without regard anymore!

The Bible is just a book. It’s very open to “interpretation.” Hell, just watch the show Cosmos, it’s great, but it does not go on to say God doesn’t exist, but not in the perception that the world does, and here is why!

Facts and theories.

The mass followers of the world say our proof is faith. Yet, faith is something one cannot prove, or be disproven. One cannot measure faith in terms of chemistry, numbers, physics. It’s not a tangible thing.

I think God is just a massive computer program.

The universe can be measured… It exists in nature, and tends to behave like a Mandala Fractal, that you are seeing here…. The world wants to put a face on it and, an emotion on it, but its cause and effect. There is a plan, and the program is doing, mathematically calculated, causes’s to reach a specific effect.

Being Agnostic I don’t really believe, nor do I disbelieve in the “THEORY” of a one God creation MYTH, and it is a myth. However, I tend to lean towards religion as a good thing, if you take it in as an individual thing. If you truly believe that it is literally reality, whoa…. Whoa dude, whoa….

I say prove it, they say, “here is proof.” I say eh, yeah, sort of, but it’s really not proof. You just believe it to be proof. None of this adds up, sorry… They say, “I have faith,” I say, yeah we cannot really prove that either.

The scientific community that proves things, theories to be facts and also the world, these same people depend on us to help form this reality, says, “in order for it to be a real thing, we have to have real evidence of its existence, in a scientific format, that is which by all facts and things that are real can be proven to exist in our REALITY.”

With that train of thought, the possibilities are endless. That is a much better place to live… I hope we can get there where everything and everyone, everywhere think in those terms… That is the reality i want to live in…

Why Not Utopia By David-Angelo Mineo Original Post 6/17/2014 Updated 5/7/2020 889 Words