Compromises to Freedom: One

What scares me the most right now is this could all happen all over again, here in the US.  The country is freaking becoming the very monster it is terrified of. You have people screaming for change; in the streets, on social media, at home, at bars. What people are willing to accept these days without really having a conversation about it.

It would not take much for this to happen here. People want change so much but they must be careful for which how they go about that change. Look at what happened in Germany for Hitler to gain power, consolidate power and then dictate power.

That is very plausible here right now. It wouldn’t happen fast but within a decade once the seeds have been planted, sure. It took a decade there too.

I am not afraid of the Dems or the Trumpsters, but an extremist of either side. One of them gain power and we start to make more and more compromises to Freedom, Freedom Thinking, Experiencing Freedom.

The more divided we feel, the more desperate we become, the more we need gov’t to tell us what is safe and what is bad. You do not want a police state, full time… This will not end well… I am not political. I loathe the system. I say human culture in general is messed up and twisted. Its a manipulation.

Let’s take a bunch of people, ruled by a few. Let the few decide everything for the bunch. Lets take the bunch, herd them all together, put them in squares/rectangles, and stack them on top of one another, equals “a City…”

Its all messed up… But lets still poke fun, bully, hate for skin color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, and hate for hates sake… 

Let us keep lying/cheating/keyboard warrior the FK up.

Welcome to the great distraction. 

Compromises to Freedom: One
By David-Anelo Mineo
310 Words