Access Control Logic

It is the year 2009… I was in Computer Networking School; an actual program where I learned the technical aspects of computer networking. Basically; how modems, routers, switches, hubs (no longer really used), gateways (router+modem in one device, very common now), firewalls, cloud infrastructure, and Access Control Lists (ACLs) work. I used to describe this as; imagine literally building a firewall in code from scratch. Granted, that really isn’t accurate to say that, but to people who do not know this was a good way to describe it to them in basic terms so they could follow along without having to break down the complexities of what/how ACLs actually work.

I will say this on ACL talk. This one subject was the hardest part of my schooling. I actually had to do this lesson twice and I still couldn’t do better than a B- on it. You have to learn all the commands, the format, and how to use a Command Line Interface (CLI) that isn’t Command Prompt on WINDOWS (cmd.) This CLI is unique to modems, routers, gateways, switches, and hubs. These mini OS have their own language and commands one has to learn in order to communicate with these. Most people who do not know how network traffic is filtered do not even know there are CLIs on these devices.

For the first time in my writing career, I will have an appendix at the end of this BLOG to explain what an ACL is in-depth. After carefully reading this BLOG a few times I found the technical part, which is still very important to my open discussion here, was so technical, even though I was attempting to dummy this part down, that it is slowing the example down and therefore, the entire BLOG in question.

The Simple Definition of An ACL Is; can be used to manage and filter traffic that enters a network, as well as traffic that exits a network. The primary use of ACLs is to identify the types of packets to accept or deny. It is a list of IP Addresses used to “Control Access” to a network or specific device. These can also be used to select specific traffic and/or all traffic that comes into a network device(s).

Go to the Appendix of the BLOG, at the bottom, to continue your education on Access Control Lists. You may need to anyways to truly understand what I am presenting here.

I feel like it is important to explain what this is, “EXACTLY…” The rules are finite…

If this rule says deny, you can bet that deny command will deny the IP Addresses that the command points to and/or vice versa to allow. For the purposes of this blog, it will be more like True/False over Allow/Deny… ACLs provide a simple, but effective layer of security in computer networks.

The reason why this is important to this BLOG is we are going to explore how finite rules like this could be used alongside critical thinking to get people to start their brains again and not just using the default setting, “Follow what this jack ass says/does.” Over, say; go find your own answers to questions and choose for yourself what to believe, what is right, and what is wrong…

The example I was going to pull from was Woke Nation and how insane this sort of blind-follow-thinking can be. However, after reading what I had first started with I have decided to do something else here, again, for the first time in my writing career.

I have already spoken, written, and ranted about what I feel, what I think, and what I believe to be truth based on the data pool I pull from. That data being all my experiences, along with research, assumptions, determinations; you know? Just everyday life stuff. I have already beaten these ideas and concepts. I have written thousands of words on the subject.

I want to be more positive than possible poison to minds, my own especially…

“Great poets are rarely understood in their own day.” ― Dan Simmons, Hyperion

I personally find these words, as Spock would say, “fascinating…” Yet, I feel like I am a widely misunderstood person. I do see this gap as being much smaller now that I am not the adrenaline junkie I used to be. I have no queries going through what I think on the Cancel Culture WOKE Mentality. I just think I do not have anything to add to it right now. It’s just me pulling from more and more things I have said in the past. I sometimes literally pull old quotes of my own to describe something now. That is just it. I am not adding anything new so why overly do it? I am aware of it. I too, like Joe Rogan, will do better at my prep work for these BLOGS… For whom it may be discovered by…

My audience is growing and I will not just rehash the same things over and over with no further solutions. I will try to steer this in a more positive direction. It is just so goddamn extreme these days…

Let’s talk about extremism for a minute…

“A nastier, harsher atmosphere everywhere. More abuse and bother boy behavior less friendliness and tolerance and respect for parents. Alright but what we never hear about extremism is its advantages. Well, the biggest advantage of extremism is that it makes you feel good because it provides you with enemies.

Let me explain. The great thing about having enemies is that you can pretend that all the badness in the whole world is in your enemies and all the goodness in the whole world is in you. Attractive isn’t it? So if you have a lot of anger and resentment in you anyway and you, therefore, enjoy abusing people then you can pretend that you’re only doing it because these enemies of yours are such very bad persons. And that if it wasn’t for them you’d actually be good-natured and courteous and rational all the time. So if you want to feel good become an extremist.

Okay, now you have a choice. If you join the hard left they’ll give you their list of authorized enemies. Almost all kinds of authority, especially the police, the city, Americans, judges, multinational corporations, public schools, various newspaper owners, fox hunters, generals, class traitors, and of course moderates.

Or, if you’d rather be an extremist on the hard right, no problem. Fine, you still get a lovely list of enemies only they’re different ones noisy minority groups, unions, Russia, weirdos, demonstrators, welfare sponges, meddlesome clergy, peaceniks, the BBC, strikers, social workers, communists, and of course moderates and upstart actors.

Now once you’re armed with one of these super lists of enemies you can be as nasty as you like and yet feel your behaviors morally justified. So you can strut around using people and telling them you could eat them for breakfast and still think of yourself as a champion of the truth, a fighter for the greater good are not the rather sad paranoid-schizoid that you really are.” ~ This televised monologue by John Cleese of Monty Python, was filmed in 1987. Video in Appendix…

I totally believe that people do not see reality 100% the same. Sure, pretty close… But not 100%… Maybe, people, these days see the gap as larger. It could very well be and just look at how the world/reality is playing out right now.

For you, for me, for others, for societies across the planet.

The perception of the human race has changed and not for the better in a lot of areas. People who look at a sign, with words on it are seeing radically different things when they should be seeing it in more similar terms. Now not exactly the same, but at least close, close enough to respect that, “oh, that’s different but yet the same and that’s cool.”

No, I am not nearly seeing that as often nowadays…

The meat and potatoes of why I choose ACLs for this discussion is that all decision-making/processes of the OS in a network device is dictated by that ACL list. We humans do not think like that. We are always looking for making your point of view, our perspective as being the correct one. We never look inside ourselves and say, “the way I see reality is wrong, therefore I am fundamentally, wrong…”

My personal thoughts on this are, why my BLOG even FK’n exists, to begin with, I do not assume ALL DATA is correct data. Down to the fundamental zero and/or one in binary terms. I am talking about something, anything, the subject doesn’t need to be specific here; I am talking and the other person or someone comes into the conversation and tries to tell me something is right but yet cannot really prove why they are right. We get into it deeper and through communication new data comes to light or even the data presented ends up being false data.

This is happening more and more now. People are making huge judgments about concepts that have no real merit for the concept to even exist in the first place. At some point, we, as a race, have stopped looking into sources of data. This is a huge plot point in the 2021 Adam McKay, Dark Comedy/Disaster film, “Don’t Look Up.” Do not want to spoil this movie but SPOILERS…

It’s light-hearted for an “end of the world” type of thing happening here. It’s pretty funny but not in a slapstick way. More like in a nervous, “that’s fucked up” sort of way. It goes from that to pretty serious with little to no warning in a scene where the scientist that is on point with this as far as the Media goes finds out where he actually stands when he tries to find out the science behind the actual plan to save the human race from the comet about to hit Earth and kill everything on the planet.

The character of Peter Isherwell, who is played by actor Mark Rylance, is alleged to be a combination of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates with a sprinkle of Mister Rogers and Joe Biden. When Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Dr. Randall Mindy, attempts to verify the science, technology, mathematics that Isherwell used to devise his plan. Isherwell almost immediately becomes irritated by Mindy’s request and then slowly goes into a rant that all data points about Mindy’s decision-making process has been gathered, stored, and analyzed since the mid-1990s. Isherwell goes on to belittle Dr. Mindy in a way that an INTERNET Troll would do that wants you to be more WOKE in life.

Why this is scene stood out to me so much is because people are actually like this. Not just your everyday person but your tech moguls, million and billionaires, politicians. They all act like we absolutely must trust them and that they cannot be wrong… “How dare you question my methods and techniques? Do you question my money? NO… So why question this?”

Here is my simple answer… Because, people, humans… Make mistakes… Now throw in all the other inconsistencies in human behavior. It is why we have checks and balances. I do not care what this person knows, does, how much money they throw at something. You tell me “this” or “that,” great… Show me how/what happened. I need to see some things for myself and at least need a surface understanding of it. Simply trusting someone else’s words, just because, is not the only and most defined reason.

We find out a little later that Isherwell has not been forthcoming because he has done this all behind the public’s back. He only has the resources, technology, and practical application to save 5,000 people. I am not 100% on the quote for that. I remember it being 5,000 people but I could be wrong. I know it wasn’t a lot. The President knew too and it was her job to keep it quiet and only save the people that had the most power, influence and money and that is exactly what Isherwell does.

Like all great liars, the lie doesn’t end there. Among those 5,000 important people, not all will survive. They have no time to test the technology. The ships are built in secret with untested new and hypothetical technologies. By the time the ships get to the new planet, they have been traveling through vacuum on standard rocket power for thousands of years. Their technology is literally falling apart around them as the ships make their way into the new planet.

Around half the ships make it. Some are crashing as they attempt to land. When they land on the new planet they are all immediately attacked by animals that eat live game. With no weapons or security forces, military of any kind it is likely all that survived the trip, die within minutes of landing on the planet.

POOF to the Human Race…

Granted that is the extreme side of the villain-mad-scientist that just so happens to be the richest human on the planet… What could possibly go wrong??? Sort of practical. Throw a human in a fire, they still burn… It is that arrogance of “our side can do no wrong…” That is and has always been my issue with this Cancel Culture WOKE Mentality. If you are going to flip a concept upside down and inside out, whatever it may be, one MUST PROVE why…

One or a group of people cannot just say AIR QUOTES, then, FACTS, and then poof it is a real fact now and we should never question that or the process on which said, specific fact, is based on.

“If people cannot control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people’s behavior. When you’re around super-sensitive people you cannot relax and be spontaneous, because you have no idea what’s going to upset them next… The political correctness has been taken from being a good idea; which is, let’s not be mean, particularly, to people who are not able to look after themselves very well (mentally/emotionally). That’s a good idea… Flash-forward to now, to the point where any kind of criticism of any individual or group can be labeled cruel (domestic terrorist). The whole point of comedy/humor is that ALL comedy/humor is critical, even if you make a very inclusive joke. If we start to say, we musn’t offend them! (Whomever “them” are)… Then humor’s gone, we’re living in the book 1984.” ~Paraphrased by John Cleese in a much more recent interview video in Appendix.

We are supposed to make decisions based on data, not feelings… Now we are supposed to make decisions based on what a President and his followers deem as FACTS, what CNN deem as truth? Are we getting that? My point of view is no, we are not. I choose to not believe this stuff because I believe in RAW DATA. Show me the data and I will make my own choices thank you very much.

ACLs base behavior on the Allow/Deny access of specified traffic, data. You can use this example both ways to support a fact or say a fact is false because the things that make up the thing being a fact are not allowed in the discussion.

For the purpose of this point about ACLs being a form of logic, it isn’t. Logic is just picking the ACL process as a definitive rule. If we make a rule, here is what the rule is based on, Allow, Allow, Deny… So we allow this, we all allow that but deny this, if the data is right or wrong isn’t the point I am trying to make but data being allowed is the part.

When someone tries to tell me I am wrong about something I try to find out what the answer is. If I am actually wrong or not. I know how to gather data. I know how to analyze data. I can clearly make a decision for myself without the added assumptions based on other people’s opinions. However, people are not doing that. They are just going with whatever popular opinion is out there and labeling that FACT. We question the FACT and the whole FK’n INTERNET breaks down, apart, divided over it.

This week, 2/5/2022, it’s all been about Joe Rogan, Spotify, artists leaving Spotify, Rogan’s use of the N-word. I am just going to comment really quickly on this. I like how Rogan has combated this latest attempt of Cancel Culture WOKE Mentality to get Rogan’s show canceled. Has Rogan made mistakes, sure, man openly admits to it. Data/Information and most importantly here “asking questions” about said data/information is what is really being questioned here. Joe Rogan is one of the biggest voices out there talking about Cancel Culture WOKE Mentality trying to stranglehold on the flow of information and what forms of information are allowed for normal human consumption…

As for Rogan’s use of the N-word, to me context to a thing still means something. I do not agree that the word should be excommunicated from the English language but at the same time should not be said allowed. At least without proper understanding of why the word needs to be said. I believe it can be discussed, but it just needs far further care when going about it.

Doing more things with a lack of care, in that respect is far more common than the latter and it shouldn’t be like that. The flow of information is very important just as important as “ALL data concerning.” If we did things in a more basic but specific way. ACLs at their heart are very basic but specific. We humans are not basic and we are hardly ever specific about what we are being, wanting & communicating, well, “basic” about.

“Oh my God, you’re so basic…” Urban Dictionary defines basic as “any person, place, or activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action.” Basic means in general to be, look, talk act unsophisticated, creativeless, plain, average, over-saturated; used to be cool, 20 years ago…

As Humans…

We do not do our business that way… We are deliberately vague, TMI (too much information) both selfless and selfish at the very same time. We notice everything and cannot stop ourselves from inserting ourselves into the situation when no one asked, expected from us, yet, here we are… We have a “perceptional awareness” problem. We have no idea where, what, why, how we are but we keep doing it, the aimless walk of life… Buried in our phones… We trust just about everything on there now, without question…

We are the most complicated lifeform in the entire Universe from our own point of view. We have yet seen or experienced anything, collectively, that is more important and/or complicated than the human race.

Our whole human society is upside down and that is probably why there is a lot of question about the flow of information and what sort of information is allowed to be seen by the everyday human on a given day.

It complicates it even further with the outlandish claims that are made to be presented as FACTS… The news is supposed to deliver facts as news, only. Not conjecture, opinion or even having a one-sided opinion. We call those “plants” in the professional wraslin’ business…

There is a good TED talk with former WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Executive Eric Bischoff on Why the News Media is stealing from the Pro Wrestling playbook. Video will be in appendix… These things affect this flow of data.

You might see Dr. Joe Schmo on Super Duper News Network, but Joe works for them or was paid to be there and to share their opinion. Not there to overly debate it/question it or anything really. This to me is scary… We should be allowed to ask questions and do it in whatever way we can. If it be on a podcast or not, YouTube… Perhaps my blog or whatever really…

We are far too quick to judge a situation based on very very little actual verifiable data. I do not just mean this with this stuff either. Our Person to person skills too now. People judge situations wrong all the time but their self-belief that they are always right; they forget the most basic human stuff…

We are becoming our own fish out of water stories…  “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~Albert Einstein

Access Control Logic
By David-Angelo Mineo
3,452 Words


Think of ACLs like a traffic cop. You get pulled over for speeding and/or other offenses. The ACL actually prevents or allows said traffic based on the rules. Allow/Deny… ACLs can be written to identify which range of IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, Packets, Hosts, and Device Names.

As an example, the following statement permits all hosts from the network and blocks all others: access-list 1 permit Any packet with a source IP address in the range of to matches the example comparison address and mask combination. All other packets are denied by the ACL implicit deny any statement, which is already written in the Access Control Entry (ACE) by default. You do not see the command by default, but it’s there. You can tell the CLI to display it but that isn’t important here unless you actually wanna learn this shit hahahahah???

The only real thing to understand about the implicit deny any command is when you create ACLs you have to tell the List all the traffic you want coming in/out or it will block what you do not specify. That is a painstaking process. It’s one of the main reasons I had issues with these.

Here is a real-world example of what an ACL looks like for IP Addresses through a network device’s CLI, supplied by This is the command syntax format of a standard ACL.

access-list access-list-number {permit|deny}

{host|source source-wildcard|any}

In all software releases, the access-list-number can be anything from 1 to 99. In Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0.1. After the ACL is defined, it must be applied to the interface (inbound or outbound).

interface <interface>

ip access-group number {in|out}

This is an example of the use of a standard ACL in order to block all traffic except that from source 10.1.1.x.

interface Ethernet0/0

ip address

ip access-group 1 in

access-list 1 permit

Sorry for the long explanation as to what an ACL is.  I felt it was important to explain what this is, “EXACTLY…” The rules are finite… If this rule says deny it will deny the IP Addresses that the command points to and/or visa versa to allow. The reason why this is important to this blog is we are going to explore how rules like this could be used alongside critical thinking to get people to start thinking deeper before reacting in haste.…
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John Cleese Extremism

John Cleese – Political Correctness

Why the News Media is stealing from the Pro Wrestling playbook | Eric Bischoff