Tuum Non Conscientiam

“Tuum Non Conscientiam,” Latin for “Thy Not Aware.” In the year 2022 Earth is at war. War with herself… War with herself and the homo sapiens that possess her. These humans argue amongst themselves over which of their version of the truth is more superior while the very few with all the resources, power, money and ability to create change from thin air, rule over the very many that have way less of this if any at all. They sit back while we fight amongst ourselves to win futile wars on language, what a fact is, and now conceptual awareness…

FACT = Fact Checking:

I have made it a general rule of mine; I do my very best to stay away from anything that doesn't directly affect me as far as news/politics go. The little tidbits I get I tend to let the story break for a little bit. I will look at all the different sources of it over some time. See what makes sense the most and what doesn't make sense.

DATA and Its Flow Are Important…

So important that people, in general, now assume what they see/read is based on fact, when it isn't. Because the process that makes a fact an actual fact has been dummied down to a point that now merely saying something with the belief that it is a fact now makes it a fact, over actually proving if said belief has merit as a fact or not... Please go back and read that little diddy again… DATA and Its Flow Are Important. So important that people, in general, now assume what they see/read is based on fact, when it isn't. Because the process that makes a fact an actual fact has been dummied down to a point that now merely saying something with the belief that it is a fact now makes it a fact, over actually proving if said belief has merit as a fact or not...

All my beliefs are grounded in logic, problem-solving, common sense, critical thinking theory. Understanding what words actually mean over what the hijacked definitions the Left/Right side will use to describe things that are not even true or about each other to gain traction. A word might mean something, but the way it is used over and over on the social media and/or news, literally changes the way it is used and how minds determine what said word might mean. This means equaling context.

Probable means "yes, probably," but it doesn't mean "will for certain," which can be debated. People will use the word "broken" all the time to describe their life/situation. Broken literally means unfixable. So one cannot say the word broken in terms of being saved or fixed. They mean damaged. Not broken because broken is unfixable and damaged means it can be repaired to a working state.

These little inconsistencies butterfly affect their way down society and now look at what we have... The news isn't there to service us, but to make others rich or stay rich and keep us people following that Bullshit narrative the AI wants us to believe. Because news isn't news. Its opinions showcased to appear as news and people still believe news is news and news stopped being news, well, to me it was around 9/11, but one could go back and say other things and wouldn't be wrong either.

I wouldn’t disagree with other opinions on the exact time. I thought the 1997 film “Wag the Dog” is a great example of how the news operates except ad an AI in there somewhere making decisions and creating false narratives along with the CGI work it can do now. Sure, a lot of that is fantasy but I do not feel it is that far a stretch to believe we already have an AI in place guiding and/or dictating mankind’s future endeavors as a species. I have been noticing weird things happening since 2012, but that could be and probably is different for anyone that feels how I do about this.

“Exploitation is a nasty business. It’s a game of evil inside the game of evil. If a person or a group of people use a or this tragedy to exploit their political, religious concepts to the masses those are the ones we need to be weary of and make sure they never get to make laws or govern others, ever. They cannot even have their own mind in check, their own house in check, but we’re gonna allow them to tell us what right is or wrong is as a conceptual paradigm? It’s not about being on the right/wrong side of history. It’s about being philosophically moral in a society where we are taught at a very young age right/wrong with false data displayed as facts in order to gain a perspective of the concept of right and wrong. We are taught that if one isn’t being heard: stop, scream and have a very public and emotional, but yet, militant approach to expressing one’s self. The very foundation of learning how to disseminate raw data into concepts as right or wrong is at war… Instead of thinking what others can do, like politicians, and even God, perhaps people should look more inwards and make the changes there. A child must learn these fundamental building blocks of learning from the parent, not society and all its ease of access of data traps of false narratives.” David-Angelo Mineo 5/27/2022

This was my response to the shootings in Uvalde, Texas on May 24th, 2022… This is a very hard open conversation to have. One can go off on other tangents that are related to the subject. I have been thinking about how to phrase words and which topics to put priority on. What drives me mad about this topic is; our society has the ability, resources, bodies to make real change happen quickly, but this society cannot get out of its own way.

“When you have a society run by the very few to govern over the very many and those very few that run the society are out of touch, govern for their own purposes of greed and will only back a solution if it benefits them and the people that pay them, change in the form of direct action will be nonexistent.” ~David-Angelo Mineo, 5/25/2022.

Simply screaming 2nd Amendment reform this/that on both sides is part of the problem. I stand by the constitution, but I also believe in common sense. People from outside the country do not really understand why Americans love our freedom for firearms. The United States of America is the greatest country to ever arise from tyrannical rule. We picked up the gun, and waged war against our oppressors to such a degree we won the right to make our own freedom. In that freedom, we the people, deemed it a necessary entitlement to be able to gain access to firearms for our defense of our rights from a tyrannical government, freedom, peace, property, individual safety and the safety of others. Do we have some holes? Absolutely… Common Sense can clearly see that. We can do better and without having to break these freedoms.

If we can afford to have max security for the Hollywood elite at their awards shows can we not have that same intention/respect for our children’s safety when they are most vulnerable under the false narrative that they are safe? Also, we just gave 40 billion to Ukraine but we cannot find a way to raise cash to pay for proper security at schools? It should be a no-brainer but yet, here we are...

When culture decided demanding feelings come before logic and teaching kids to lash out using their feelings in a militant way it is no surprise that this keeps happening and happening from the same types of people. The young, the confused, the impressionable, the bullied, the different.

Sure, one can blame social media and/or the misinformation that is displayed on social media, but it isn't the misinformation on social media. That does have its part to play, but not as much on the pie chart as say the misinformation of pure concept on the news networks pretending said misinformation is real life, everyday occurrences that are teaching the young, the insane Wokers and SJWheads, that if you want to be heard you must be loud, expressionful and militant. This includes acts of defiance and now perverted into violence.

We need to remove those very few that rule over the many with people that really will choose logic, problem-solving, common sense & critical thinking first over "using their feelings in a militant way" to get a society to respond...

"This is the school in which we learn. This is the fire in which we burn." ~from “Calmly We Walk through This April’s Day” - By Delmore Schwartz

What is Conceptual Awareness?

Conceptual Awareness is a mental state in which the content of one's consciousness refers to a particular aspect of semantic knowledge or relating to meaning in language or logic about oneself. This form of consciousness plays a crucial role in shaping human behavior; however, little is known about its neural basis.

Conceptual Understanding Defined is where children can grasp ideas in a transferrable way, can help students take what they learn in the classroom and apply it across different domains. Meaning how they see things in school and then duplicate said thing even without understanding its contextual meaning. Usually when this happens the parent identifies with it and can make the behavioral changes to teach their child that the behavior is either right and/or wrong and more importantly, why it is right or wrong.

It is no longer that simple anymore. Children are not just picking up new behaviors at school but now there are hundreds of other ways for people to absorb data. There are more sources of data outside the parent even for infants then ever in recorded history. The parent or parents haven’t even had the time to teach a child how to absorb information and now we give them a tablet or phone because we do not have the time to monitor how they may perceive the entry of new raw data to disseminate from new stimulus.

My brain is wired differently. I didn’t grow up on internet. The internet didn’t become a thing in my life till I was already old enough to vote or join the military. I grew up on books, TV, audio. I am a child of the 80s and a child of a below middle class upbringing. I had six TV stations for most of my adolescent life. No MTV, no CDs till the mid-90s. I didn’t have the fast response time to outside happenings of the world. I often found out this stuff at school or from friends, but by that time I had already had a deep understanding that I was different than most kids.

As a kid I often reacted sort of off to new experiences because I had no prior understanding of them. I have always been like that and just lacked the confidence for things to flow smoother. The simple version is I was just that damn awkward. It took a few things to happen for my mind to slow down or speed up to match how data was getting decimated in my brain.

When someone tries to answer questions, where do their answers come from? Where does their mind go when they try to answer? In what form of information system or systems do they use? How do they decimate raw data into a concept, then into something tangible for their own personal reality bubble? How does a person make a thought to a concept, then from a concept to a real tangible thing to make it real to them?

Me personally; I have four categories I draw from. If you pick something I tend to lump into one of these to draw from. These could be different, less in number or more in number and in different order of priority for each individual on the planet. We cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach with philosophical concepts. Each human is very different, sees reality differently and also decimates raw data in conceptual awareness differently.

...Philosophy, Science, Love, Faith...

When I blabber about something it comes from these places, in this order. Some might have it different. When you start messing with number combinations, for just four of something you get twenty-four different possibilities and that is only if you use four of something. What if you add more or subtract here. There is literally an infinite number of possibilities.

Starting to sound like something from quantum mechanics here.  If I were to talk about God, it comes from philosophy, not faith, actually, faith is almost nonexistent to me, but I do accept it as something to draw from when turning raw exposure to data into a concept to whether that concept can be a real thing or not in realty.

Some, mainly Christians, will have Faith first and in some cases that might be their only system to draw upon. So you can see why there is so many people who cannot agree on very simple things to agree upon, like say what a factual textbook definition of what a man is, and what a woman is. Just using that as an example. I am not here to debate that, but here to debate the changing of well-established facts to mean something other than what they actually mean in the tangible, real world reality we all live in. It used to be clear, very clear, as up is up and down is down. Now we have made modifications with our war on language, war on "FACTS" and now a war on conceptual awareness.

I have mentioned this in blogs, psychological, philosophical talks and in therapy sessions before. The example I tend to pull from, just for simplicity purposes, is you are in a hall of doors. All the doors are colored differently. You have no prior information about what the colors mean on the doors or anything. It’s completely random. You choose red because you just so happen to love the color red, the reason isn't important here just that you love red.

You walk through the door and as soon as you walk through said red door, bam. A sledgehammer smacks you in the face. You're like “what the fuck?!?” So you walk through another red door, same thing. “What the fuck!?!”  After a few red doors you get frustrated and travel through some other colors, like blue, green, orange, yellow, all of them nothing happens. You walk through each door several times and nothing happens, no sledgehammer to the face.

But every red door, bam, sledgehammer to the face. One would deduct that the color red represents nothing but pain/suffering/torment. That person now avoids red doors or has some sort of anxiety about red doors or at the very least a judgment about red doors. They may even get crazy violent when they see a red door. What I am saying is the learning curve of this conceptual awareness is now left to outside influences over the parent.

Think Native Americans... How did they teach their young? Directly... Parents still do that, but it's in way less variety than it being the norm nowadays. The young are now learning basic thought experiments from outside the home in the form of anything one can gain data from, which is everywhere now when you compare to say the 1970s or 1980s...

In 2022 there are so many ways one can get data faster now than ever before and not all raw data is raw and created equal in 2022. What I am saying here is the process in which a human and/or humans make things that come across their sensory perception that makes a concept reality to them personally and their personality is now warped and perverted; because there is no raw data anymore.

It's manipulated from the start. This is more or less Matrix territory where they talk about; does choice actually exist to begin with or was our choice or choices a manipulated calculation of predictability in human behavior and development?

You are not wrong here. You are on the right track. The hardest thing about understanding this is trying to put these concepts in terms that can be for easier human consumption without manipulating the data to create a ying or yang narrative. I am not a left/right brain guy. You are never gonna see me choose Democrat or Republican as I do not believe in either, although if you use the term “the lessor of two evils.” Does one even have a choice? Or is the choice a manipulation from the start to get one to go one way or the other way? I am a brain guy period. There is no left/right. That is people just manipulating the data to make it make sense to them or cater to their self-projected narcissism.

Which isn't wrong for the individual, but is wrong for the group. For all humanity. This isn't a “one-size-fits-all”, as you see in politics and this woke culture, they keep wanting to apply the “one-size-fits-all” mentality when we are different variations of a whole. No one thinks in those terms, at least not the tribal group mentality, left/right try to preach upon us as, air-quotes, "FACTS." This is why I harp so much on the war on language, war on "FACTS", and now it's a war on conceptual awareness.

How I define Society verses How Google Defines Society:


1) A community or group of people having common traditions, institutions, and interests medieval society western society.

2) A group of persons with a common interest, belief, or purpose

3) Friendly association with others.

How I Define Society:

1) Any public mind... A mind or group of minds that want to live, commune and communicate with one another. Many parts that make up a sum.

In order for that to happen the public mind relies on the flow of accurate information in order for us to have thoughts, beliefs, and judgements of what is going on around us in this society.

If the news is one our main arenas of gathering this sort of data, in general, then it is equally important for that flow of data and the data itself to be accurate. Now apply this to say both CNN/FOX on how they battle each other over talking points. Granted, it is accepted that FOX filters out opinion better than CNN, where CNN would rather give their opinions over just reporting the data. The data is what we need, not their opinion on said data. Also their opinion tends to be called “FACTS” when it is actually just an opinion. That is a big problem.

The data should be as unfiltered as possible so opinion doesn’t creep into that data displaying a false narrative. However, that is exactly what we have been witnessing. We rely on information systems like this to teach us, but if the very foundation of the data’s accuracy is in question, apply that to other forms of outside information and you can see where the problem is. You have a whole generation of teenagers that have grown up in single family homes, get most, if not all their data, about the world outside themselves from sources that are literally made up of fiction.

You have young people in colleges and even high schools and elementary schools pushing crazy concepts that are not real, as real, or cannot be proven to be real without taking a lot of "liberties and/or leaps of logic," warping and indoctrinating our young people to see the world as something that requires radicalistic militant change in the form of emotional outbursts.

I am all about common sense gun reform on the topic of how unbalanced kids that are behind the right/wrong conceptual awareness learning curve, but qualify as adults to have easy access to firearms legally. Make it harder for the insane to be able to legally obtain firearms would help, but not to the level of degree as it is believed. At the end of the day, a person with a plan and/or personal purpose will not follow, understand, and respect words on a piece of paper.

Seriously, what is gonna stop them? They will just roll their eyes and find another way. Because that is what manmade Evil, a thing that thinks outside the box. A thing that is creative. A thing that understands without the definition of a word, phrases or doctrine. To them fear of the law as a concept doesn’t exist to them. This means that there is no fear for the law breaker, because why be afraid of meaningless words? There were days when people’s faith in the religious God was so great that they believed they were always being watched, weighed and judged. Evil people don’t feel or fear that any longer, especially from other people. Evil doesn’t bend to man’s will or even time’s will. Evil understands that once a thing is done, it is never, undone and that is its ultimate victory. You cannot fight that with politics. Yet, here we are. Look for yourself. Draw upon a different information system and see it from a different point of view. I dare you to…

It’s not that simple to fix under how we govern our society currently. That is why I challenge the concept of society in general about the very few ruling all of the very many mentality. It’s not a question of law, rights, guns, but a question of philosophy, depending on from where one is coming from on their personal information systems hierarchy. Love? Faith? Science/Data? Philosophy? Something different than my personal hierarchy?

It’s not a straightforward answer, nor are all people going to come together and agree when you have twenty-four to infinity different variations of the same thing, if you use my example here. It’s probably worse math-wise because most people probably do not categorize concepts in this way. There may be less than four or more than four. The four here are just my personal take on that. Some might be ALL faith and no love. How many Christians do you know that are good as far their faith goes, but are total trashbags as people, because they lack any other information systems in their personality or hate on everything with lack of love, where their faith tells them to love their brothers/sisters. What do they do? Trash them at every turn.

I say there is an attack on language, there is also an attack on "FACTS". What a Fact is, how a fact becomes a fact, a theory tested to be true to such a large degree it cannot be defined to be NOT a Fact…


Every country has its own way or information systems in which concepts are derived. I am challenging where/what/how these information systems deemed as right or wrong are approached by our young people in the form of outside sources that are based on misinformation but projected as, what is right or wrong, as a foundation to understanding concepts, in general. Air-Quotes, "FACTS..."

No, I am blaming this concept that; the very few with everything rule over the very many with little and those very few that rule are out of touch, there for their own selfish goals and the goals of the monies that put them there, notice I didn’t say “people that put them there,” but rather the monies…

I am saying these young people go to other sources for their conceptual knowledge of the reality around them. I will always come to a discussion with philosophy in mind first, even over science. You can use science and data interchangeably here. Science is the data gathering and also how humans define things, beliefs, and theories to be facts. We also need to understand that a "FACT" is just data from a theory that has such a large level of degree of accuracy in its assessment of the results of the data that it cannot be proven to not be a fact.

Young Americans have a trend to grow up in broken homes. Not all, but a great very many. One in Four children in 2014 grew up in a single parent environment. That is a big number to me. The one parent works a lot and the kid is left to the media as its dominant source of data gathering. Media being TV, Internet, Video Games, other people, pop culture, whatever it is. Basically, it’s open to just about anything where someone can pull data and make a judgment about said data outside the home. Much more grandioso in 2022 than in the 1970s and 1980s.

So now you have the kid with no parent supervision for a large amount of time, on a daily basis. If those kids are picking up false concepts based on false data or just opinionated/assumption data, what can you deduct that “could” happen to that kid’s development?

I am not coming from a place a political governing here. I am coming from a place of philosophy and data. Then love/compassion of my fellow brother/sister/human. Faith is last and barely registers to me. Some may have it different for them personally. Now try to have a discussion about this with another person or groups of people that has a radically different order of prioritizing how one makes conceptual data from a concept to a real thing to them. Then you have to make that make sense to them so that something can be done that works for everyone. Take all that I just said and try to apply that to politics in the United States in 2022 with the 2nd Amendment in mind.

It is up to the parent to teach their child how to learn, conceptually. In most cases the parent is doing their best just to make ends meet. Even though their child’s welfare is the most important thing tangibly, a lot can be and is overlooked. This is overly complicated because it isn’t just that simple to just make changes to laws. Laws only work if the people obey them or at least respect them and/or the punishment for breaking said laws. These evil personalities understand that. They lack the conceptual value of the law and what the law actually does. Simply changing the law might seem logical, but unless one can prove something to be real, true, um, cough, dare I say, FACT, then we would be like the rich person that is always throwing money at a problem that cannot be fixed with just money, but yet tell them that, they know everything because they are rich… Somehow rich must mean also smartest person in the room. I didn’t realize money in a bank account had any references to how actually intelligent a being can be in the logic problem-solving department.

The conceptual awareness to a child is probably one of the most important things a parent can teach their child. How to disseminate data and make accurate judgments about the data to form a concept of that thing into a real thing in reality. Humans agree that the color red is red because most of the things that describe what red is conceptually, most of humanity will agree upon, but there are those that do not agree with the popular assessment that red, is indeed, red. Those are the ones we need to pay attention to.

“What will become of you and me
This is the school in which we learn.
Besides the photo and the memory?
That time is the fire in which we burn.
This is the school in which we learn.
What is the self amid this blaze?
What am I now that I was then
Which I shall suffer and act again,
The theodicy I wrote in my high school days.
Restored all life from infancy,
The children shouting are bright as they run
This is the school in which we learn.
Ravished entirely in their passing play!
That time is the fire in which they burn.”

Excerpt from; “Calmly We Walk through This April’s Day” by Delmore Schwartz

Tuum Non Conscientiam
Latin for: Thy Not Aware
by David-Angelo Mineo
4,742 Words