Experrectus te ipsum

As we are at the halfway point of 2022; I have noticed I have been a little more, if not a lot more, outspoken about the level of incompetence that is our politics in the United States is. Both sides… I have issues with, but to understand the concept of, the lessor of two evils, I tend to sway more right, but that doesn’t make me a republican. Not at all...  I do not go with everything they say or believe in. I hate cliques, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this case…

Of my eleven blogs I have published this year, so far, about half of them have some sort of political rant or ideology being discussed about how people think these days has been well pronounced. When I started blogging back in 2015 in this form I had stated that I was doing this to break out the creativity in order to write fiction. I have done very little of that. Sure, I have written some, but nothing to really brag about. My short-story was nearly six years ago. I have yet to write the next one. I was working on a novel till I got sick and I haven’t gotten back to that. I have let my disability get in the way of so much that when I started writing again, in towards the end of 2020, that I would only write a few blogs and get back to working on my fictional projects. I haven’t even mentioned the whole lot of them. Just the few here there over those two years.

With all that said, I plan to get back to that after this last blog. This will be my last blog about the subject of Politics and Woke Culture. Baring anything new happening that is so major that it requires it to be addressed; I am going to move onto my projects and blog about other things. I still have another Star Trek theme blog I want to write. I want to do something on the status of social media. Next will be working on a short horror story I have been thinking about since the start of the year. The blog “Kummituksia” explains the subject matter if one likes lore on such things. I'm big on lore and things making sense in my fiction absorption. “Kummituksia” was an attempt to break out some of that thinking while also drawing out some of the concepts I want to build on in the fictional sense.

The first thing I want to diatribe about are these fake news articles with big bold headlines I see on the Facebook from the New York Post, Huffington Post, CNN, FOX, shit, all of them pretty much. Man… If this doesn’t just get under my skin every time I see these. I have spoken about this before in other blogs, but this isn’t blind posting. Blind Posting would be if someone shares it to their social media platform and doesn’t summarize the article first and/or give their opinion of it. If they just post it with nothing, just share it. Why did they do that? What was their intention? What, to click it and read it? Well, why the hell would I do that? That poster gave me no reason to. They said nothing about the post. That is blind posting. What I am describing are the clickbait articles. These companies just want you to click on their poorly written opinion on a subject, but advertising it as either worthy news or air-quotes, “FACTS…”

The world is changing… We are living this change… Change is never pleasant… The INTERNET gives everyone a voice, and that voice is loud… However, just because something is loud doesn’t make it good or right. Volume is not a measurement of quality. We are all more disconnected than connected, even though we are very connected in the literal sense than ever before and we can see what is happening in the world in real-time, but with little to no proper context. Without context we are left to our own vices of how we see real to make a decision on something. The media wants to control that context, with that, they can control you, I, we, us… Context to them is their skeleton key to all the locked doors to our perception.

No Organization Should Have That Level of Control…

We are in the middle of a war on language, what a “FACT” is and conceptual awareness with the ever growing cult, the WOKE… Those people are always looking for new things to be offended by and new ways to be outraged about. To change things in the name of progress. Well if one is going backward how are they progressing, exactly? You have these people, clearly with mental health issues, talking about biology, which is science based. So unless one works in science or studies science stuff they probably shouldn’t comment about the validity of what is or isn’t a biological “FACT.” You have these people using phrasing like, “definitions are oppressive and dangerous…”

So now to define a thing that is a thing, is now oppressive and dangerous? Just another false logic bubble of “you cannot define me,” self-serving narcissistic attitude. So I suppose I should rehash what it is to be WOKE. I still get people who do not have a clear definition of what that is. So strap in I am about to oppress you and that should be dangerous to you…

How spooky… But first a word from our sponsor 😆…

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In the beginning 😆... The first I heard the word being used was around 2010 and on. The original definition of its modern-day usage is to describe YouTube conspiracy theorists using it to describe something that "they were in the know about." Meaning they knew something about a conspiracy theory that someone or others didn't know so they were considered/called "WOKE" about a subject. The Moon is a hologram or the Flat Earth Theory. Something crazy along those lines. If one had inside information on a subject they were considered WOKE.

A few years back, maybe around the time all the Trump stuff started to appear about him running for president or maybe it was slightly after he got in office? I am really not sure on the specific time this happened. In and around this time, the Right-handed media hijacked the word "WOKE" to use it to describe the Extreme LEFT. This isn't the same as being LEFT.


Being LEFT or a Democrat is not the same as being on the Extreme LEFT. The reason why, maybe it isn't even a reason, but how I have interpreted this difference in labeling what a group is and what it may be standing for; attributes to become a member of the Extreme LEFT:

1) As someone that isn't RIGHT or Republican.

2) Hates the Right side of the, and any discourse.

3) A member of Cancel Culture or groups that support radical change in our cultural society, under the umbrella of being "progressive," but have their own agendas at play.

4) People who put Political Correctness and their own point of view above common sense, critical thinking, logic & proper scientific knowledge.

5) Members of the Karen/Kevin "Cannot Mind Their Own Business” Club.

6) Delusional people who follow delusional subject matter.

7) People that have an identity crisis on a daily basis.

8) Batshit-Hypersensitive People who throw out victim cards like someone at a strip club throwing dollar bills at the performers.

9) Network Marketing People/Influencers who try to sell you bullshit ideologies on social media and when you either shoot them down for being scammers or their business plan doesn't work for you they try to turn the tables and attempt to bully you to believe you are the one at fault.

10) If you deny an Extreme LEFT POV you are bullied to be made to believe the fault lies within your perception/philosophy, not theirs.

11) If you deny an Extreme LEFT POV you are CANCELED.

12) People who want to be at the top, but ignore they must start at the bottom (no longer believes in prerequisites)...

These types can be considered the EXTREME LEFT because they have "some" things in common with the LEFT, but take it to the, "this one goes to 11" or "Ludacris SPEED, Go" Hyper-Intention to the nith degree, defying common freakin' sense. Even, Normal, Left-sided people cannot stand the WOKE = Extreme LEFT...

One of the main, "true," reasons why the word WOKE is closely associated to racial stuff is that it was used in an article (1962 New York Times Magazine article titled "If You're Woke You Dig It" by a black novelist William Melvin Kelley) and a play (Garvey Lives! by Barry Beckham), decades ago. Then used again during the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 in the modern era.

In the play, the word is used in incorrect English to describe the past or pre-tense of awake, waken, awoke. Not all English is worded correctly when spoken aloud, especially by the uneducated (in this case, used by blacks that didn't have any schooling and just talked how they talked). Should be noted I am not being racist by saying this. It’s true. It’s a part of black culture in this country and still is.

Black America makes its own English slang for words and how they spell names and pronounce them. All the minority races do this. This isn’t new, its cultural diversity. I see no issues with this at all. Is it correct English, no, but who cares. They know what they are saying. It’s us, people, who do not know, who are not educated in "hood talk."

I do not even know how to say it without it sounding racist. I believe people of all colors are now referring this to as "hood talk." Fine by me, as long as we have a word to describe it without it sounding racist, and everyone gets it, I am on board with that. No network marketing to sell me there. Since 2014, WOKE, has been used to talk about social injustices other than race-related instances since the Right-Handed Media hijacked the word to describe the Extreme Left.

Now I believe it has 2 definitions currently being used. The one I mentioned above, Woke = Extreme LEFT and the other to describe "social" injustice, non-exclusive to racial injustice, but racial injustice is a bullet point for social injustice, not its own separate thing; which is what the WOKE are trying to tell people.

The INTERNET has provided us with a plethora of information, which may not always be created equal and accurate. Some can be so quick to share their opinions on social media without thinking about the potential consequences. It's important to take a step back sometimes and think about where you're getting your information from and how it affects your opinions. Not all information is created equal and accurate, twice now I have said that. Take note… You want to know about something it is going to take more than a Google Voice search and have your phone dictate it to you in thirty seconds to gain a respectable understanding of what is being said about the topic at hand. That can help sure, but it should only draw you in to dig even more on a subject. Not portraying yourself as an expert in the field. While no one can challenge one on the subject.  

In the wake of the Texas school shooting, many people are trying to make sense of what happened. After two weeks it has already started to go away on social media. Sure, the algorithms are pumping out more bullshit by the day. I have noticed across all my platforms that the few thousand people, when you add them all up, that I follow and/or follow me, are no longer talking about it.  Social media is not a place for debate and discussion, but it's a place where people can share their opinions and get validation from other users who agree with them. Social media has created a culture where people can't be wrong. It's important that we don't let ourselves get caught up in these echo chambers that social media creates, because it's not reality. We need to UnWoke ourselves and realize that there are multiple sides to every story. Not just the two that the media likes to spew. This is right and this is wrong. It is never just that simple to be ying and/or yang. I do not support the right/wrong as the only way to discuss things. It’s all about the finer details, concepts, perspective, point of view(s), philosophy and the information systems that go into that.

Many people are feeling overwhelmed by all the information they are seeing on social media and want to UnWoke themselves from that world. I have also seen the extreme opposite. There are people I follow that I know locally that spend so much time trying to be some big moral high ground advocate for self-belief on social media and I just cringe when I see those TikTok videos. They use every single video trope and cliché that is available. They literally blend in with all the other fools that are constantly doing it. I get the intention. I think it is great they are trying, but I am not a fan of the quick, easy, consume my message and me in 90 seconds or in-less-than 120 typed characters mentality of communication and absorption of raw information.

I just think of it as sort of classless and lazy. I cannot really tell you why I feel that way about it, but I do. It feels generic, unauthentic, fake, and phony. It is why I am always picking on those network marketing fitness influencers. I really do loathe the social media influencer, whatever the subject matter is. That is a major contributor of this sort of bullshit where if we cannot make it at, whatever it is, we’ll change the criteria so that we can. If people fuss, we’ll just cancel or bully them till they quit. Oh, they snapped and bought a rifle and now want to shoot our kids? Oh, damn, it must be that rifle’s fault not the person wielding it. I know what we’ll do, we’ll call it, “a weapon of war.” Yeah, we’ll make a rifle seem like an assault weapon, like the Army men carry, oh shit, we cannot say Army men anymore because that is sexist.

It is easy to laugh at this stuff and I did for years till it started to pour over into my reality. It was like almost overnight that I, me, my personality, my persona wasn’t good enough and I needed to change it. If I don’t it will be forced upon me. First it was my attitude, then my job, then my health, then my mental health, then my ability to earn or work for myself. All of the sudden the world was a different place one could no longer state the obvious about basic things.

The world has changed and still changing. There are more and more shootings that happen every day. It is no longer safe to go to a public place without feeling scared of what might happen. It is no longer safe to go out at night without feeling scared of what might happen. It is no longer safe to be in a relationship with someone who might do something, because it's not always easy to tell the difference between their words and actions anymore. It is no longer safe at church. It is no longer safe at schools. It is no longer safe to go to concerts or other public gatherings because everyone is afraid of what “might” or “could” happen… What “might” or “could” happen has always been at play. That has never changed. I do not know why that concept is treated like it is new, oppressive and dangerous?

My last blog about, “Tuum Non Conscientiam,” goes in a little more detail why we won’t get the sort of gun reform that the Extreme Left and the President are literally screaming for. Like I said earlier, volume is a not a measurement of quality. The President can literally scream all he wants to. No one is listening. They are laughing… Do we need to better control the flow of guns to mentally unstable adults that have the mentality of conceptual awareness with right/wrong in mind? Absolutely… However, a rifle isn’t “a weapon of war.” It is a rifle. Rifles are for hunting, not defense. Can they be modified, adapted and/or used for other purposes other than what they are intended for? Absolutely… Check just about every tool a person can obtain. They all can be modified to be made to be used for other tasks other than what they were designed to. I probably do this on my PC with computer software on a daily basis. I modify software, apps, retro game ROMs, just about anything where I can program different instructions into a system and that system accepts the commands and those commands make the program do something other than what it was built for. You can go on YouTube and see many hacks like this on just about anything you can think of.

Like I stated before… If they cannot change the law, then they go after the definitions of what they are trying to change. A rifle is now considered a “weapon of war.” “Definitions are oppressive and dangerous.” Even Disney and Star Wars are doing it. They did this with the character of Rose from “The Last Jedi.” She is an Asian actress and word on the INTERNET was that she was heavily bullied and called racist names on social media because of her role in Star Wars.

Lately, Disney issued out a statement about Moses Ingram, a black actress in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show on Disney+, has been getting hate on her social media about her skin color. All blamed on the “toxic fandom” of Star Wars fans. Now I am not saying she and actress Kelly Marie Tran are not getting hate mail that is racist-ically charged. I am sure they are. However, Disney and Star Wars are creating this racist tension by having this take without any real evidence of this existing. I mean, you are always going to have few twats out there trolling other people and saying horrible things to them just to get a rise out of them because of how one might feel about their body of work in entertainment. That has been around forever. That isn’t new. Even being an ignorant jerk about that isn’t new.

I am willing to bet that more than some of these alleged comments of racism are just people using that card, because they know it can hurt. Regular folk that cannot communicate or articulate their argument, but are angry will just say whatever they can to get noticed. We have all done that. Maybe not race-related, like we have here, but we have all said some BS logical things to someone else just to piss them off or hurt their feelings. That isn't being constructive with a take, the intention is to hurt, not to share the idea of "this sucks and here is why" mentality.

I never had a problem with Rose being Asian, that is crazy that Disney is using that for the excuse of poor characterology within the writing of the character. Hell, the coolest Star Wars character from the original Star Wars Trilogy was Lando. So do not give me this crap that the Star Wars Fandom is inherently racist. A whole lot of people were pissed, because that character took up a lot of screen time that didn't pay off emotionally. There wasn't even a solid reason for her character to exist within the logic of the story within "The Last Jedi." That whole movie from a writing point of view was a hot FK’n mess yo... Just like in Picard Seasons II, we are supposed to care about all the "butterfly tear" moments in the season that were not setup properly to warrant that level of emotional reaction from us to care to begin with.

You cannot phone that stuff in as a writer. I have a film degree, I write and how some of this lazy and poor writing gets a pass... Yeah, it should be called out as bad. However, for them to come back with, “toxic fandom of Star Wars fans are racist" for having a problem with bad writing that is just horse shit and that is just another example of why WOKE-ism is a terrible idea. I spent more time in the past two years wasted on writing about the WOKE and their ways over writing fiction. Glad that is finally coming to an end. I do think if one is going to voice their opinions on pop culture, media, film, music, they sort of have to approach it like writing a research paper. One has to be very clear as to what they are talking about, because the WOKE takes the time to attempt to find holes in one's logic and if they cannot they just make up something that fits or at least is plausible to fit in their argument. To make your opinion look devalued and now even racist.

My issue with WOKE-Disney is they are saying if you do not like our minority characters, for whatever reason, then you’re racist and that just isn’t true. I have stated above, you’re going to get some of that from the trolls. It is a given and isn’t likely to change any time soon. Angry people will say whatever they got to say, including racist shit, to get their point across, but it stops being a point of view once a person plays that race card with the intention to hurt. At that point a take or opinion has lost its creditability. I get the why’s… I also support writing someone off that uses racist remarks with the intention to hurt and not to educate. We should be able to have conversations about race issues without it turning into hateful fights online.

It is the same behavior the WOKE do. When culture decided demanding feelings come before logic and teaching kids to lash out using their feelings in a militant way it is no surprise that this keeps happening. Sure, one can blame social media and/or the misinformation that is displayed on social media, but it isn't the misinformation on social media. That does have its part to play, but not as much on the pie chart as say the misinformation of pure concept on the news networks pretending said misinformation is real life, everyday occurrences, that are teaching the young, the hypersensitive WOKE Culture, that if you want to be heard you must be loud, expressionful and militant. This includes acts of defiance, hateful words like racist comments and now perverted into violence with these people gaining access to firearms of any kind. We need to remove those very few that rule over the many with people that really will choose logic, problem-solving, common sense & critical thinking first over "using their feelings in a militant way" to get a society to respond...

This is why I go to the lengths I go to, to be overly descriptive in my process when I discuss these things. I might be harsh on this subject, as far as true objectiveness goes, but to me it is pretty clear. I have been watching this unfold since the beginning of social media. Yahoo Messenger chat rooms, AIM/AOL Hometown, MySpace. I have been seeing this unfold. I have seen so many people so thirsty for attention that they deliberately go out of their way just to get that little taste of exhilaration at being so very loud on social media that it no longer matters what the subject matter is. It all comes from self-serving narcissistic tendencies. It doesn’t matter what others think as long that person gets their satisfaction. The last word in. The acknowledgment in a direct message that- that person saw the message. The more people that become addicted to that sensation of being recognized for their efforts regardless of tone, perspective, racist or not, right or wrong, doesn’t matter. That is what they want, and that is how they will work to get there. It’s shitty. I am not saying this is good. It’s terrible what people and minorities go through on social media.

This has always been at play though. Same with gun violence. It’s always been there. It’s the instant gratification of the flow of raw information and how that information is now manipulated to have a false narrative point of view displayed as “FACTS” is where a major part of this outrage is coming from. It’s been manipulated at the source from the start to target minority people, the young, the impressionable, the bullied, the misunderstood, and the different. This list goes on and on. It is like the idea that Neo is inside a matrix within another matrix in order to give him the illusion that he actually has free will to make his own choices. However, in the theory, all the choices have been manipulated and calculated at such a level of certainty it cannot be debated to be wrong. That to me is the real horror story to tell. Let people believe they are free but everything they do and choose to do has been calculated so that the calculator, the one creating the choices, already knows what they will do and how they will choose…

Nearly every day I see posts where a person is clearly seeking attention and it isn't clear as to what/why they are actually after. They make a pointless post about being sad/lonely, but it doesn't go anywhere. No details as to why they feel that way. No story as to what triggered them. No valuable data about the situation. Just a very vague-book-style post, where we, the viewer, don't know what the fuck to think. However, the poster does. They have an expectation of what I am supposed to feel here, and it is that “assumption of expectation.” That to me is the manipulation… The reaction TikTok videos of people just looking like they agree on someone else’s rant and offer nothing, but their facial reaction. Like, what in the living fuck is that supposed to be all about and why am I supposed to care? It is like people just stopped trying to be real. The key part here that doesn’t get mentioned in a lot of cases you may see ZERO comments and very emoji likes or whatever.

That's right. People saw the post. They just do not care enough to comment. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why? This goes for those racist comments to actors/actresses. Where are these comments coming from? A twitter user, “user_85278575 with a cartoon looking egg as the default pic with two followers. I mean, should Disney have a panic attack meltdown on racism and standing with them from something like that?

Of course there is no room for racism on social media, but what I am saying if it comes from a profile like that should one even care or even worry about that? I can’t really say. I have stated how and why I feel it’s a really bad take to have if I am Disney. It would be one thing if it came from valued twitter users that have massive followings or even a moderate following, but the troll profile with no activity and followers? Come on man… This is what Elon Musk is complaining about. Troll/Bot profiles probably make up more of this rubbish than actual real contributors to the platform. If one wants to argue that, cool. No problem, show me the raw data, profiles, comments and I will judge for myself with my 25 years of IT experience/expertise while watching social media grow from black screen, white text chat-boxes to TikTok. I’ll wait…

However, some will comment. Some will comment positive stuff, like self-serving BS. Or some will just post emoji’s, (I do that, but only to people that I do care but don't know what to say as of yet. I may be trying to draw them out to chat about it), some will do it because they cannot help themselves but to comment on it, because they have no clue what that person actually means they just comment with the (I sort of give a FK) emoji.

The goal is, if no one ever comments and/or gives these people attention maybe they won't vague-book so much. I am not saying people shouldn't post about their feelings, but intention, insight, perspective go a long way. Just explain what hell you are talking about in Plane-Ass-Galactic Basic (English). People might actually get real responses, but I get it, they want attention. They do not actually want to solve their issue. No, that would mean, they no longer need people and their attention. People are comfortable with being miserable. I will say that again…

People Are Comfortable with Being Miserable…

There is a disease out there. Peoples' expectations of becoming important/famous in their own minds far outweigh the work they actually did to give them that perception of reality having that sort of an inflated sense of self; all based on nothing or at the very least, "not much at all." So now they use false narratives to buy into and throw a huge emotional, but public and very militant response to prove their point. Which isn’t about proving anymore. It’s about how many likes/clicks/subs they can get for their outrageous take on a subject that has a very clear definition of what said thing actually is. They cannot convince people it is true so they try to time travel and change the definition at the source. They change the meaning of a word buy using it over and over again in the media and social media. If you challenge them at all, you are either bullied, canceled or forced to change or things, luxuries are slowly stripped from you till one complies.

The movie adaption of V for Vendetta isn’t a dystopian fictional tale, no. It’s a goddamn documentary of the future if we do not get a grip on reality here. We need to stop rewarding people for being stupid. We need to stop glorifying these takes as serious talking points. It is ok to be different. Hey, if you want to go be a boy and you were born a girl, so what. Few actually really care. However, when a person or group starts to demand things be a thing when all manners of proving a thing to be real, prove that said thing is not real, those groups need to get a grip and understand their rights are not being violated by this.

One cannot demand a thing to be real just because they want it to be real.

That isn’t how concepts are brought into existence to become part of our reality. There is a process for that and the WOKE doesn’t want to learn, work in, towards, the process. They want to invent their own process that fits the path of least of resistance. You cannot reverse engineer common sense, critical thinking, logic and common sense to fit different groups’ narcissistic delusion that whatever they feel like when the wake up in the morning dictates what truth, a “FACT” is, what right and/or wrong is conceptually, on a daily basis. Just because a person or group either identifies with a thing or not is absolutely irrelevant. It is why we are taught or at least used to be taught at a very young age not to react emotionally to very serious/important things. Because in most cases we cannot use our thinking brain to react correctly. Like I said, when culture decided demanding feelings come before logic and teaching kids to lash out using their feelings in a militant way it is no surprise that this keeps happening.

This is the WOKE Mob’s Mantra…

It is embedded in the very foundation of its definition, which is now labeled as oppressive and dangerous to all human consumption if one trusts in those WOKE mob’s voices… What pulls a person to be the devil’s advocate in every conversation about nonsensical topics is a question future philosophers will ask about this culture in a hundred years if there are philosophers left after these wars on language, what a “FACT” is and conceptual awareness ever end.

A “FACT” doesn’t change because one’s point of view changes. That is part of it. It’s a constant. We can always rely on that when things start to die off or change that this thing or that thing that are based on “FACT” don’t change.

It isn’t too late… All we have to do is stop giving these people a pass. Not just the followers of this mentality but the leaders. Those Extreme Left WOKE leaders that have been there way too long, clearly out of touch with reality, only looking out for themselves and the money that put them there. If any leader uses a tragedy or a series of tragedies to exploit their political, religious concepts to the masses those are the ones we need to be weary of and make sure they never get to make laws or govern others, ever. They cannot even have their own mind in check, their own house in check, but we’re gonna allow them to tell us what right is or wrong is as a conceptual paradigm?

"I have shown you the proper and normal type of constitution, but if you will not have it and insist on living under a perverted form, you may as well know how to make the best of it.” ~Aristotle – Could this be the very first tweet? Oh, if sarcasm was a thing back in those days.

Hopefully this is the last time I have to voice my opinions about common sense, critical thinking, problem-solving, philosophy and logic pertaining to politics in 2022. Pretty much every politically charged blog I have written since mid-2018 is a variation of/on the same things. Even though I choose to write this stuff, in this format, I still find very valuable to my growth as a single mind. Like everything, things change, perspectives change, point of views change… “FACTS” do not change… I want to be able to go back and see how I felt about this and/or that. However, the last few years it just seems to me that we the people keep harping on variations of the same thing and we are not getting anywhere with that. If anything, in the name of progress or being progressive.

I ask; how can one or a group of self-proclaimed “progressive thinkers” when the actual thinkers, the people that did the work, did the research, studied for decades to take concepts of things and turn them into things we interact with in our reality, which we call “FACTS.” How can they be progressive, when they are going backwards? This group and/or the one cannot change the definition of backward; because they identify with that concept as progression? It’s not about being on the right/wrong side of history. It’s about being philosophically moral in a society where we are taught at a very young age right/wrong with false data displayed as “FACTS” in order to gain a perspective of the concept of right and wrong all in the name of being progressive.

If we challenge this ideology we are treated in such a way that we either have to conform to something that doesn’t make logical sense or risk being bullied, canceled, fired in some cases, sued, whatever it might be. These people get off on making good people appear to be foolish. Yet they are the ones trying to convince people up is no longer up but it’s down because said person cannot understand up but they understand down, so they change what up stands for so their delusional belief can be justified to them.  

Narcissist – Having an excessive, or erotic self-belief interest in oneself. In most cases their attitude towards how they got there cannot be challenged nor can something, anything come before what they, believe, may want or need, first. All else is last. Not secondary, but last…

“When you have a society run by the very few to govern over the very many and those very few that run the society are out of touch, govern for their own purposes of greed and will only back a solution if it benefits them and the people that pay them, change in the form of direct action will be nonexistent.” ~David-Angelo Mineo, 5/25/2022.

Experrectus te ipsum
Latin for: UnWoke Yourself
by David-Angelo Mineo
6,256 Words