NerdAlert SWFL



NerdAlert SWFL will correct “most” of your computer problems. Be it Hardware and/or Software. If you have Operating System Issues like the “Blue Screen of Death” or some other Error Code that pops up on the screen.

There are so many scenarios that could happen to a computer that I cannot even begin to list them all here.

We can help setup and/or troubleshoot all kinds of things related to:

• Smart Phones
• Internet
• iPhone
• iPad
• Tablets
• Alexia
• Google
• Laptops
• Desktops
• iMacs
• Smart TVs
• Firesticks
• Streaming Services
• YouTubeTV
• Roku

We do not do cracked screens or that kind of work. You can go to UBreakIFix or other shops that specialize in that sort of cosmetic work…

Some older people, like my parents, in their middle 60’s, hardly leave the house. They purchase a new SmartTV with Roku built in. They do not know how to use it, set it up, connect it to their DirecTV, Other Cable provider, etc.

I can help with those kinds of issues. I can setup your TV, show you how to use it. Give you recommendations on Affordable TV/Cable/Streaming options you may or may not know about. I can make that SmartTV purchasing process go much smoother and you will know how to work the thing when I am done.

My current Family TV setup is; YouTubeTV… We eliminated a $300/month DirecTV bill to under $100 a month with all the Sport/Premium Movie Channels. We nearly have the same programming for 70% Cheaper. No illegal downloading or streaming. ALL-100%-LEGAL…

NerdAlert SWFL is located in Gulf Cove, Florida, a small community in Port Charlotte. We will be servicing all of:

• Port Charlotte
• Gulf Cove
• El Jobean
• Rotunda
• North Port
• Deep Creek
• Englewood
And… (For an additional $20 trip fee to get out that way.)
• Venice
• Punta Gorda
• Cape Coral
• Sarasota
• Siesta Key
• Osprey
• Nokomis